Joan Franco

Joao Fraco - Below Deck Mediterranean

So Joao Franco has a soul after all! This season’s Below Deck Mediterranean villain (I mean, if you don’t count Hannah Ferrier) has been taking heat for his womanizing, sleazy ways and his drunken and psychotic alter ego Jezabob, but apparently being judged by reality TV fans has caught up with Joao’s teeny conscience so he’s apologizing for his behavior. We scare the bad guys into submission. [insert evil laugh here]

Patrick Bateman Jezabob shattered a glass in his bare hands – because looks apparently can’t kill Hannah – then he called her a slut. Now he regrets looking like a scary sociopath on television. “I am appalled by my behaviour on the show. I realise that I acted extremely primitively and disrespectfully,” he tweeted after the episode aired. “I don’t know what came over me but I am accepting responsibility for my actions. I am not like that at all and I am thankful to have gone through this experience to see.” SO, that’s redeeming, right?