Kameron Westcott

Cary Deuber is shocked by LeeAnne's words

Out of all the things to come at LeeAnne Locken for why is her perceived lack of wedding date one of those things? Why not call her out the shade she throws or the threatening statements she makes when she’s riled up? Wouldn’t that be an easier route to take?

D’Andra Simmons got the ball rolling by questioning LeeAnne for not setting a wedding date and she even accused them of “living separate lives” before she brought up some rumors that Rich Emberlin cheated on LeeAnne. Brandi Redmond joined her new friend D’Andra to question D’Andra about her wedding and even threw in that she thinks LeeAnne is jealous of D’Andra since she’s married. Now LeeAnne is accusing both of them of drinking too much and even called Brandi an “alcoholic” in the last episode. Three wrongs don’t make a right here. Real Housewives of Dallas is getting pretty messy and Cary Deuber is sharing her insight on all the drama within the cast.

LeeAnne talks to Mama Dee

For the most part, LeeAnne Locken has made some great strides this season on Real Housewives of Dallas. Then she referred to Brandi Redmond as an “alcoholic” in conversation Cary Deuber and Kameron Westcott…. That is a definite misstep, but at least she admitted to that and owned up to her mistake in a Bravo blog post after the last episode.

Hopefully she does the same thing at some point during this season. Nevertheless, LeeAnne is bound to argue with both Brandi and her best-friend-turned-enemy D’Andra Simmons about her “concerns” over their drinking habits during the Season 3 reunion.

Kameron will NOT have her MIL insulted!

If I hear about Dallas society one more time, it will be one time too many. Unfortunately that’s a sacrifice I have to make if I want to continue watching Real Housewives of Dallas. Other than that aspect, this show is really on point.

Nevertheless, Kameron Westcott and D’Andra Simmons got into it during the last episode after Kameron’s mother-in-law Jimmy warned D’Andra about her (supposed) reputation in Dallas society. If you drank every time they mentioned “Dallas society” or “Highland Park” it would be a recipe for disaster.

D'Andra confronts Kameron

There is no love lost between D’Andra Simmons and her (former?) friends LeeAnne Locken and Kameron Westcott. They were a trio on Season 2 of Real Housewives of Dallas, but Kameron has clearly sided with LeeAnne in the feud with D’Andra.

Now we have all been subjected to several instances of faux concern. D’Andra questioned LeeAnne’s relationship because she did not set a wedding date. LeeAnne accused D’Andra of drinking too much. Kameron was “worried” about D’Andra’s reputation if she continued to hang out with Brandi Redmond.

Brandi's kids are bad

Brandi Redmond was barely in the last episode of Real Housewives of Dallas. She had that cute with her baby Bruin helping Travis Hollman pick out jewelry for Stephanie Hollman, but other than that, we didn’t really see her…. although we heard about her A LOT.

Nevertheless it was a very Brandi heavy episode since her name was mentioned in almost every conversation thanks to LeeAnne Locken, Kameron Westcott, and Kameron’s mother-in-law Jimmy- randomly enough.

D'Andra Simmons is

Y’all, I love Real Housewives Of DallasAnd you know what I love even more? A Mama Dee takeover of Real Housewives Of Dallas. Smother those bitches in 6,000 calories worth of butter and ketchup, get them too stuffed to move, then berate them with a frozen smile. You know the reason Mama Dee’s face doesn’t move is because she isn’t about to let anybody see her sweat.

D’Andra Simmons is living a life of hard nights and harder mornings when she has to face the realities that her friendship with LeeAnne Locken has gone to complete shit. Even worse, despite their fight at Cary Deuber‘s laser thingy, D’Andra’s mama has organized a playdate to force them to get along. And even worse-worse, they have to cook at this thing! Needless to say with all this stress D’Andra isn’t looking so fresh and bright-eyed during her Hard Night Good Morning rebranding photoshoot.

Brandi Redmond Says Stephanie Hollman Was Different Around Her After Befriending LeeAnne

Real Housewives of Dallas Season 2 got off to a rough start with longtime besties Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman at odds and not even speak speaking to each other. Thankfully, they rebounded and have been able to bring some fun to this show. Let’s just hope they never get back to that place they were in last season.

What might make that happen? Stephanie is finally on good terms with her longtime rival LeeAnne Locken, who argues with Brandi every single time they’re in the same room. Initially, Brandi was supportive of Stephanie exploring the relationship and making decisions on her own. During the last episode, Brandi theorized that LeeAnne befriended Stephanie to get under her skin- something that hurt Stephanie since she felt like Brandi was questioning her value as a friend. So what does Brandi think after watching that episode?

LeeAnne confronts D'Andra about drinking with Brandi

A lot can change from one season of a show to the next. Season 2 of Real Housewives of Dallas started with LeeAnne Locken and Brandi Redmond on good terms.  LeeAnne’s BFF D’Andra Simmons also joined the cast. Just one season later, LeeAnne and Brandi are back to being rivals while LeeAnne and D’Andra’s relationship is disintegrating.

And you know how that old saying goes, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” D’Andra and Brandi are close friends these days, even though Brandi was furious with D’Andra for insinuating that she abused Adderall on a podcast at the beginning of Season 3.