Kathryn Dennis drug tests

Photo by Bravo

Photo by Bravo

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis has obviously had the worst possible year ever, with her break up with co-star Thomas Ravenel, and her failed drug test that took place one year ago, but what has made it worse is all of the rumors that since she returned from rehab in Malibu just before Labor Day that insist she has failed drug tests. Up until now Kathryn took her tests each week, and every month, and passed, and results were sent to the court, and those involved in the case had access. She has gone as far as to also purchase a breathalyzer to prove that she has also been avoiding alcohol.

But Kathryn has had to learn a tough lesson, which is that there are some people out there who will make things up, whether it’s to be hurtful, or just for attention (or maybe because they were not asked to return to Southern Charm this season). Either way, Kathryn has spent months turning the other cheek, and not responding on advice of counsel.