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Temptation Island Season 3 Episode Recap:

This week’s episode of Temptation Island brought the conclusion of everyone’s first bonfire. When we last saw the ladies, it ended on a heartbreaking note when Erica Washington admitted she felt less than her boyfriend, Kendal Kirkland, because he made her feel like she wasn’t good enough. Erica, tell Kendal to get up and make his own sandwiches at four in the morning! Host Mark L. Walberg nudged Erica to come back to that place of self love that she had felt earlier. Erica is going to need a lot more therapy sessions with Mark to up her self-esteem, and I really hope she gets there. 

Kristen Ramos was shown a harmless clip of Julian Allen getting a half lap dance from one of the singles. Afterwards, Kristen dropped the bomb that Julian did not just cheat on her once, but twice! Mark nailed it when he concluded Kristen was a victim of comfort in her relationship. Erin Smith watched as her boyfriend Corey Sobczyk shared that Erin made him feel like he came second in their relationship. Erin worried she might have realized too late that it’s actually not bad that Corey is different from her. And then it was the guys turn at bonfire, and they had a completely different outlook than the ladies.

Temptation Island Season 3 Episode Recap: He’s Been A Bad Boy

The title of Temptation Island’s second episode, “He’s Been a Bad Boy,” couldn’t have been more fitting to describe the behavior of Kendal Kirkland. Since the premiere episode, it was obvious Kendal was going to be trouble. Case in point, while sitting next to his girlfriend, Erica Washington, Kendal could barely keep his jaw off the floor as the single ladies paraded around introducing themselves. He also left Erica in the dust to throw himself at the other women as soon as they were separated. Poor Erica will be in for a rude awakening this season!

Before we jump ahead to Kendal’s shenanigans, the episode starts off with the couples officially separating from one another. As soon as the boyfriends are out of the picture, all of the single men burst through the door to the girls villa ready to party. None of the women seem particularly thrilled however, especially Erica and Kristen Ramos. On the flip side, as the single ladies swarm the guys villa, all of the guys, minus Corey Sobcyzk, are ready to party. Let the games begin!

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Temptation Island is back in action with season three! For those new to the show, four couples who are at a crossroads in their relationship, arrive on a tropical island to be tempted by singles in order to see if there is someone else better for them. At the end of the season, the couples will decide if they want to stay together, leave alone, or leave with one of the singles. 

And this new crew has a lot to live up to, as last season was completly unpredicatble. Spoiler alert, all of the couples except for one ended up separating!  At the final bonfire, several people got their groove back, and bravely ended their toxic relationships. But then during the shocking reunion, most of those who said they were happier alone or with someone else, had come crawling back to their old partners. And the couple that did leave together, broke up. Will this new group have the same grim outcome? Or will there actually be some happy endings this time?