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Real Housewives Alum Jeana Keough Shares How Daughter Kara Keough Has Been Handling The Loss Of Her Son; Reveals Matt Keough’s Cause Of Death

Real Housewives of Orange County alum Jeana Keough and her family have been going through a lot lately. Last month, Jeana’s daughter Kara Keough and her husband Kyle Bosworth welcomed their second child together, a baby boy. Sadly, baby McCoy Bosworth passed away at childbirth.

Just a couple weeks later, Jeana’s ex-husband Matt Keough passed away. In addition to Kara, Matt and Jeana had two sons together, Colton Keough and Shane Keough, who RHOC viewers saw a lot of during the early days of the show. Kara has been very open and honest as she goes through her grief, mourning the loss of her father and her newborn son. Recently, Jeana spoke out for the first time.

Real Housewives Alum Kara Keough Pays Tribute To Son Who Passed Away At Birth

In April, Real Housewives of Orange County alum Jeana Keough’s daughter Kara Keough shared some truly devastating news. Kara’s son McCoy died shortly after he was born. He was Kara and husband Kyle Bosworth’s second child. They have a daughter named Decker Kate Bosworth.

In the few short weeks after the tragedy, the RHOC alum has been very open about the loss on social media.

Real Housewives Alum Kara Keough Loses Son During Childbirth

OG Real Housewives viewers have fond memories of Jeana Keough and her three kids, Shane, Colton, and Kara Keough. We got to witness them grow up at such a pivotal era in their lives. The fans saw Kara graduate high school and go on to college. Kara does not live in Orange County anymore.

She currently resides in Florida with her husband Kyle Bosworth and their daughter Decker. The Bosworths were very excited to welcome a second child to the family. Unfortunately, Kara shared some absolutely heartbreaking news after she gave birth. She lost her son that day.