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Amber Pike Matt Barnett Love Is Blind

While the premise of Love is Blind focused on singles looking for true love without seeing what the suitors look like, one of the most compelling elements was the love triangles. Jessica Batten was torn between [Matt] Barnett and Mark Cuevas. However, Barnett ditched Jessica for Amber Pike and LC Chamblin. Eventually, he proposed to Amber and they’re still married today, almost two years later. That quickly ended LC’s reality TV career though. However, Jessica was still on the show, annoying the shit out of all of us.

Jessica constantly reminded Mark that he was “24.” She created problems that weren’t actually there while Mark was an absolute gem. She also got drunk and threw herself at Barnett a couple of different times that we saw. The level of disrespect was unreal.

Love Is Blind’s Lauren Speed And Cameron Hamilton Want Their Own Spin-Off

Few reality TV couples have captured my heart like Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton from the hit Love Is Blind. They both knew from the jump that their relationship was special and so did the viewers. We didn’t even have to see them contemplating if they had connections with anyone else, that’s how strong their bond was. They were the first (that we saw) of the couples to get engaged and they really did seem to have the strongest bond there.

It was hard to not feel invested in their love story, even if it was a tad predictable. The only real hurdles they faced were Lauren introducing her father to Cameron, which she had never done in her previous relationships. As if that wasn’t enough, Lauren had never dated a white man either so she wasn’t exactly sure how her father would react. But he was stern and kind, with some sweet words to assure Cameron that he was being welcomed into the family with open arms. We all know that things only went up from there, despite Lauren holding out on telling Cameron if she would say “I do” or not. She obviously did and here we are.

Love Is Blind Star Lauren Speed Says Her Father Has No Issue With Husband Cameron Hamilton Being White

I cannot be the only who cried watching Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton get married on the Love is Blind finale. They fell in love without even seeing each other through conversations they had in the “pods.”

Normally, I watch reality TV dating shows for the trainwrecks, but these two are just so pure and wonderful and I was actually very entertained. I, along with all of the other viewers cannot help rooting for them. Fun fact: Love Is Blind was actually filmed a year and a half ago. And good news, the two of them are actually still together today. For the most part it was all smooth sailing, except for the fact that Lauren never imagined herself dating a white guy, let alone marrying one.