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Love Is Blind Jessica Batten Mark Cuevas

Love is Blind fans know that Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas‘s relationship was pretty much over before it actually began. She wanted to be with [Matt] Barnett and never seemed to give Mark a chance, constantly mentioning that he was “24 years old,” which she was very much aware of right from the jump.

Obviously, these two didn’t make it down the aisle. But, after the show, Mark was dating LC Chamblin, another Love is Blind cast member who wanted to marry Barnett. This guy has a type, right? Well, apparently LC found out Mark was cheating on her in a Reddit thread with a bunch of women and Jessica chimed in saying she knew he was cheating with one woman, but didn’t know about the others. Now, it seems like Mark and Jessica have finally put the past behind them.

Love Is Blind Jessica Batten Mark Cuevas

I miss the simple days when Jessica Batten being 34 while Mark Cuevas was 24 was such a big issue. As Love is Blind fans know, Jessica and Mark didn’t make it down the aisle, which surprised no one since Jessica never seemed to give Mark a chance and was still hung up on [Matt] Barnett.

Apparently, after the show, Mark started dating LC Chamblin, who was also on Love is Blind. She was one of the other girls who was interested in Barnett, but she didn’t get engaged to any of the other guys, so we never saw her again. And, now, there are rumors that Mark cheated on LC, which is quite the risk considering the global pandemic going on right now. Oh, and apparently he may have cheated on Jessica too.

Amber Pike Matt Barnett Love Is Blind

While the premise of Love is Blind focused on singles looking for true love without seeing what the suitors look like, one of the most compelling elements was the love triangles. Jessica Batten was torn between [Matt] Barnett and Mark Cuevas. However, Barnett ditched Jessica for Amber Pike and LC Chamblin. Eventually, he proposed to Amber and they’re still married today, almost two years later. That quickly ended LC’s reality TV career though. However, Jessica was still on the show, annoying the shit out of all of us.

Jessica constantly reminded Mark that he was “24.” She created problems that weren’t actually there while Mark was an absolute gem. She also got drunk and threw herself at Barnett a couple of different times that we saw. The level of disrespect was unreal.