Little Women: LA Matt and Briana Ride Or Die

Little Women LA’s Briana Renee Files For Divorce From Matt Ericson; Files Restraining Order Against Him!

It’s the news Little Women: LA viewers have seen coming for what seems like an eternity: Briana Renee finally filed for divorce from her horrific husband, Matt Ericson [Grundhoffer]. Briana also obtained a restraining order against Matt, citing verbal abuse, erratic behavior, and in the most disturbing twist yet, bestiality and pedophilia. Matt has allegedly threatened to kill all of them and/or himself in recent months. This threat is made even more frightening when we remember that Briana brought a gun into their home last season, claiming she needed it for “protection.”

Despite the protestations of her family, friends, and cast mates, Briana clung to her abusive husband through thick and thin – or as she would say, “Ride or Die.” Through his sexting scandals, verbal abuse, serial cheating, and drunken outbursts – Briana made excuses for it all. But now she’s found her limit, and (hopefully) can extricate herself from what can only be described as a toxic relationship.

Little Women: LA reunion

Little Women: LA is gearing up for season 5, yet I am not fully recovered from the depressing spectre that was the LWLA: Matt and Briana, Ride Or Die 2-part special.  Despite outcry from viewers about Matt Ericson (aka Grundhoffer) and Briana Renee even being FIT to appear on this season’s LWLA, appear they do. (A grassroots petition was even started to ban the toxic couple from Lifetime.) Moreover, Matt’s sexting scandal seems to be a major storyline that will continue to play out in weeks to come. 

We all know (in disturbing detail) about Matt’s despicable behavior: that he was explicitly sexting other women while his wife, Briana, was pregnant with their son. That he ultimately blamed Briana for having “a part to play” in his gross misdeeds. That he’s an angry, vengeful, and downright frightening dude. We also know that Briana, in her codependent and depressed state, ultimately forgave her bad boy for all of this – and more. But apparently, she’s not too pleased with a new turn of events. Trans model Plastic Martyr – a former friend of Briana’s – has already filmed a scene with LWLA star Christy McGinity Gibel in which she describes the “naked photos and sick messages over Instagram” Matt sent her. 


Little Women LA petition

What’s red (faced), white (lying), blue (shirted), and smarmy as hell? It’s everyone’s favorite Little Women: LA serial cheater, Matt Ericson (aka Grundhoffer)!!! After witnessing the junkyard drama that was Matt and Briana Renee‘s Lifetime spinoff: LWLA Matt & Briana, Ride or Die over the past two weeks, viewers have had enough. One viewer in particular has even started a petition online demanding that Matt and Briana be ejected from the series that gave them their breakout roles!

It’s no secret how murdery I feel about Matt (though I wonder if any jury in the world would convict me?), and Briana‘s LWLA costars – namely the screeching, drink throwing Terra Jole – have also been more than vocal about their own naked hatred of Briana’s hubby. But some viewers initially gave Briana and Matt the benefit of the doubt, at least in part, when it came to their rocky relationship. Right up until their special aired. Then all hell broke loose! The 2-part series pulled back the curtain on just how manipulative – and even threatening – Matt appears to be, which caused many fans to wonder: what exactly this man is capable of?