Love After Lockup Recap

Shavel Love After Lockup

On last week’s episode of Love After Lockup, Shawn found himself in quite the pickle. How he thought he could keep his age and number of kids from Destinie is mind boggling. Every season people on this show try to keep these big secrets. It almost never works out for these people. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. What happened to honesty? It might be a boring show if everyone was upfront though.

Also last week, Scott was in for a big surprise. Lindsey never got off her plane as expected. Is she conning him? IS she still in prison? Did she flee once she got out? There are so many unanswered questions about her. One thing that’s for sure is Scott is looking like a fool. This woman doesn’t love you. However, he does deserve some answers. Let’s hope he gets them in this episode of Love After Lockup.

Shawn Love After Lockup

The Love After Lockup inmates and their partners are giving us an explosive season already. On last week’s Love After Lockup episode we were left with a cliffhanger of whether or not Lindsey was really going to show up at the airport. Scott is delusional if he thinks this woman isn’t conning him. The writing is on the wall that he is being played to the max, but he refuses to see it. If she doesn’t show up at the airport, that should tell him everything.

On the mysterious side of things, Shawn is keeping some mystery secret from Destinie. It’s something so bad that it could destroy them before they even start their life together. Secrets always blow up in your face. This is something Shawn is poised to learn the hard way. These couples have a lot going on this season, and they’re more dysfunctional than ever before. Thank you WE for giving us the guilty pleasure chaos we love.

Destinie Love After Lockup

Love After Lockup is EVERYTHING this season. Slowly but surely, the couples are finally starting to be reunited in the free world. On last week’s Love After Lockup episode, John took insanity to the next level. He proposed to Kristianna the moment she got out of prison. He has no idea what her answer will be, but he has the entire wedding already planned. That is the kind of crazy stuff that makes this show so good.

In addition to that, it’s really starting to look like Shawn is being catfished. Things just aren’t adding up. Destinie has a lot of question marks surrounding her at this time. He’s not the only one either. Scott may think that he has it great with Lindsey, but that whole relationship screams CON JOB. There’s something about her infatuation with his money, that makes it seem like it’s not real. Scott needs to watch his back….and his wallet.

John Kristianna Love After Lockup

Love After Lockup is back, and last week’s episode did not disappoint. The couples are crazier than ever. LIVING FOR IT. The somehow topped themselves finding these messy new relationships. It’s jaw dropping television the entire episode. For example, Jessica and Maurice have been married for nearly five years. However, THEY’VE NEVER EVEN LIVED TOGETHER. Say what???

The most painful to watch this season might be Shawn/Destinie and Scott/Lindsey. Both of these men are setting themselves up to get hurt. Shawn is definitely being misled by this woman he claims to love. The way she keeps bringing up her weight gain is highly suspicious too. But whatever that’s his deal. Scott’s is hard to watch because he seems to genuine.

Lindsey Love After Lockup
We are back for another messy season of Love After Lockup. It’s so wild to see how many people fall for inmates that they’ve never met. However, season after season, this show delivers. Every time you think it can’t get any crazier, this series ups the ante. We’re getting all new couples which is always so much fun. They start out so in love, and the it goes downhill.

What is it about being locked up that is such a turn on for these people? It’s just such a fascinating concept. Half of the time the people get conned or scammed. It sucks for them, but it’s great TV for viewers. It’s typically such a train wreck to witness, which makes it all the more appealing. There’s no telling what we are in store for this season. Anything can happen. You guys ready for the ride? Buckle up!

Lacey Love After Lockup

The supersized Love After Lockup finale has arrived! WHAT A SEASON IT HAS BEEN. Everything is wrapping up, and we will see which couples actually make it. For some reason, Angela took back Tony. She loves his body, but COME ON. Leave the man! Cheryl and Josh are another couple who are together still despite all the drama. Certainly, those two aren’t meant to be together.

The biggest source of drama this season on Love After Lockup has been between Lacey, John, and Shane. She played these men perfectly all season. However, now we find out if she will actually walk down the aisle with Shane. John is very much a factor with the potential paternity looming. On last week’s Love After Lockup episode, Amber came to the realization more than ever that Vince isn’t her future. Will she call it quits, or will she stick it out for Puppy and her mom?

Love After Lockup Recap: Blinded By Love

Love After Lockup delivers so much sizzling drama every week. It’s hard not to get invested in the love triangle between Lacey, John, & Shane. She’s successfully played both men all season, and it’s so entertaining. However, on last week’s episode, she finally made a commitment to Shane. Only time will tell if it was the right choice. Lizzy and Daniel are also engaged. Who volunteers to tell his mother THAT?

Amber is still conning Vince, but now it’s time for him to meet her family. Will her family see through the con, or will Vince himself finally catch on? Angela and Tony have reunited which sucks for her friend, but shes made her choice. Angela somehow believes Tony is being honest with his intentions. Can she trust Tony after how he’s treated her?

Love After Lockup Recap: Truth & Consequences
Love After Lockup is bringing IT all season. Has there been a dud at all? NOPE! Lacey’s love triangle continues to give the entire world life with its messiness. John is out of prison, but it seems like Lacey’s made up her mind with Shane. This episode should give viewers some clarity on the situation. Also, somehow, Angela and Tony are still trying to make things work. Stop playing and break up!

On last week’s episode it was revealed that Amber has been conning Vince the entire time! The fallout of this hustle is going to be so thrilling to watch. Lizzy may not be pregnant, but she might be married soon. Daniel has plans to propose, despite his mother’s warnings against it. If he goes through with the proposal, he may ruin his relationship with his mom forever.