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At first, I wasn’t feeling the first Real Housewives of Dallas season, but it started to grow on me (which is  not at all surprising since I watch every single show on Bravo). I was excited to see what direction the show would go in if it came back for another season. Fortunately, the show will be back, but sadly there is one original cast member that will not be back on Real Housewives of Dallas.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who felt like RHOD could use some excitement, so it’s not shocking to hear that two new ladies will be added to the mix. Also, one original cast member reportedly got the ax after just one season. I’m sure she’ll play things off like it was her decision, but I find it hard to believe anyone from Season 1 would walk away from the show.


Marie got a restraining order against LeeAnne

I feel like Marie Reyes is the Kim D of Real Housewives of Dallas. She brings nothing to the show and does whatever she can to get attention.

Obviously, Marie was the one who spread the story about LeeAnne Locken, and that is the only reason she is getting any screen time on this show. She is not even a Real Housewife and her desperation is just way too much for me to handle. I am definitely not a LeeAnne fan and even I can tell that Marie is an attention-seeking shit stirrer.

Needless to say, I was pretty shocked to watch the RHOD reunion episode and hear that Marie supposedly hired a social media team to take down LeeAnne and Tiffany Hendra. It’s absurd, to me, that she would invest so much thought and money into maintaining some sort of persona.


RHOD Season 1 reunion - Cast

Last night Real Housewives Of Dallas had their first (and I dunno – something in me is saying ‘only’ reunion) – and it was pretty bizarre. 

The major story was Cary Deuber, who all season seemed rational, together, and way too smart for all the drama, but wound up having a straight nervous breakdown on stage over the rumors LeeAnne Locken spread about her marriage beginning with an affair. LeeAnne may not do “hurt,” but Cary does and she openly sobbed a ton. 

Also randomly, throughout the entire reunion LeeAnne would morph into ‘My Carny Story’ mode and just start fake tearing up about her haunted past and all the other BS she routinely uses to try and get away with her crap. Andy was rolling his eyes and was visibly exhausted by her (as was everyone else – here, there, and everywhere!). I guess she needed Rich, The Carny Whisperer, to tone her down and stop her “story” about the hurt little girl who farts glitter from going into auto-repeat. The record is skipping, RICH!


Tiffany and LeeAnne make amends

When Real Housewives of Dallas started, I just didn’t know what to make of Tiffany Hendra’s friendship with LeeAnne Locken. Tiffany seemed like a very nice person who was just bound to LeeAnne due to their decades of history. I felt bad that she had to deal with all the drama that LeeAnne started was a part of all the time.

Then when LeeAnne just got out of control by going off on Stephanie Hollman for no reason and going crazy on Marie Reyes, I just didn’t get how Tiffany could turn a blind eye. Especially when the girls were in Austin and LeeAnne was yelling the entire night- how is it possible that Tiffany did not hear her screaming her lungs off? I get that Tiffany just wants to be a good friend, but where is the line between friendship and enabling?


Marie Reyes

What is up with Marie Reyes on Real Housewives of Dallas? On one hand, I feel so bad for her since she is stuck in that weird cluster of manipulative friendship with LeeAnne Locken and her sidekick Tiffany Hendra. But on the other hand, I feel like she gets off on having the camera time. And she would not be getting any attention if it wasn’t for her twisted friendship with LeeAnne. She is not even a full time cast member on the show.

Nevertheless, I really do enjoy watching her shamelessly throw Tiffany and LeeAnne under the bus just because it’s so desperate and entertaining. It is so obvious that she just wishes she was a real part of the cast and that she thinks she can achieve that by turning on LeeAnne and befriending the other girls. Plus it seems like she was weirdly jealous of Tiffany’s higher level of supremacy in LeeAnne’s list of followers.



I ended up loving Real Housewives of Dallas a lot more than I ever expected. At first it kind of annoyed me with the constant poop references, but once that story line (finally) tired out it became a very endearing show that really added to the Bravo franchise. And I really ended up liking Stephanie Hollman. She is one of the few people who can pull off being entertaining on TV while actually being a nice person.

I can’t say the same for the rest of the cast though. There was a ton of a drama and it pretty much all involved the show’s villain LeeAnne Locken. Since the season just ended, Stephanie has reflected on the friendships that have come and gone throughout that time.


LeeAnne Locken blog

I am so over LeeAnne Locken using her life story as some sort of valid justification for hating on Cary Deuber. Clearly she just hates the woman because she refused to comply with LeeAnne’s made up social rules for the “charity world” that she incessantly clamors on about.

This is so obviously a case of a scorned child acting out because someone does not want to be her friend. Cary did not actually do anything to incite this nonsense. And now LeeAnne finds an excuse to bring up rumors about Cary’s marriage whenever she possibly can and somehow thinks it’s okay.


Cary annoyed

Last night was the season finale of Real Housewives Of Dallas. Shockingly we weren’t subjected to a charity event where LeeAnne Locken berated everyone for not knowing their place in the Dallas Charity Scene. Instead Stephanie Hollman and her husband Travis threw an adult kegger-rager to celebrate the Byron Nelson PGA golf tournament being literally in their backyard – which is coincidentally also the Four Seasons.

Only rich people would pay a zillion dollars to regularly have random men strolling through their backyard hitting balls and swinging clubs near their bedroom window, right?!

The party planing consists of Travis micromanaging Stephanie and constantly reminding her that it’s her responsibility to  pick up dog poop. Forcing Stephanie to constantly deal with poop is a pretty good euphemism for their marriage because Travis constantly treats Stephanie like poop! Honestly next time he hands her a list and a pooper-scooper, she should just rip it up and snap, “Don’t bring that shit into my house” (ala her cutting comment to LeeAnne in Austin).