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Temptation Island Season 3 Episode Recap: The Final Bonfire, Part 2; The Reunion

We’ve finally made it to the end of season three of Temptation Island! There were definitely some surprises during this final bonfire, and more happy endings than expected. Erica Washington blew Kendal Kirkland’s mind with her decision, Chelsea Orcutt and Thomas Gipson faced off, and Julian Allen poured his heart out to Kristen Ramos. We also got a proposal at the end!

Last week’s episode ended in a cliff hanger with Kendal and Erica. Kendal had tried to make Erica feel ashamed for kissing Jesse Stephanos, while in turn he showed no remorse for consistently sleeping with Alexcys Homan and having a threesome. Erica professed her love for Kendal and then it cut to black. Did Erica go back to Kendal, leave the island alone, or leave with Jesse?

Temptation Island Season 3 Episode Recap: The Final Bonfire, Part 1

We are almost at the end, Temptation Island fans! The build up all season long has lead to these final two episodes. Who will stay together? Will anyone leave alone, or with one of the singles? In this episode we found out what happened to Corey Sobczyk and Erin Smith, and we got a peak at what’s to come for Kendal Kirkland and Erica Washington. Hint, Erica put Kendal in his place and I am here for it!

But first, we have to go back to the beginning when Mark L. Walberg showed up to the guys and girls villas to inform everyone it was time to say goodbye to their placeholders, ahem, singles. And it couldn’t have been more apparent over at the guys villa that Alexcys Homan and Sophia Perez were placeholders for Kendal and Thomas Gipson. Both girls had expressed their feelings numerous times, and both Kendal and Thomas essentially said thanks for the hookup but that’s all your going to get from me.

Temptation Island Season 3 Episode Recap: No Regrets

It’s hard to believe, but season three of Temptation Island is almost over. Although I will miss watching the drama, I know I won’t miss Kendal Kirkland’s weekly escapades in trying to sleep with as many women as possible. And if anyone had no regrets regarding their behavior on the show, it was him. At least we had Tula Poindexter to call out Kendal on his BS!

In this week’s episode, the couples went on overnight dates with the singles. The big question that lingered was who was going to hook up with who? In typical Temptation Island fashion, the final dates were full of unpredictable moments. Erica Washington got her groove back, Thomas Gipson decided to one up Chelsea Orcutt in the cheating department, and Julian Allen made a decision sure to make everyone cry during final bonfire. How Kristen Ramos will react though is another matter.

Temptation Island Season 3 Episode Recap: The Tables Have Turned

The tables have turned this week for several of the couples on Temptation Island! First, Erica Washington has done a complete 180 in regards to her self-confidence. Before, she was only concerned about Kendal Kirkland and catering to his needs and feelings. But after Erica watched Kendal have a threesome, she decided it was time to put herself first. This also included allowing herself to start to fall for Jesse Stephanos. But how will Kendal feel once he sees that Erica is no longer worried about his needs and is moving on?

Second, we have Thomas Gipson and Chelsea Orcutt. Chelsea and Thomas arrived on the island to get to the bottom of his “flirty” behavior. But the script was flipped when it was Chelsea who cheated on Thomas first! Thomas predicted this was coming last week when he received Chelsea’s message in a box, and observed she was defending her actions without him knowing what they were yet. And this week he finally found out what those actions were.

Temptation Island Season 3 Episode Recap: Message In A Box

This week’s Temptation Island brought about several twists that caused some big shake ups amongst the couples. First, we had another round of eliminations, where the couples had to make the hard or not so hard choice of which singles to send home. Would the boys who got cut behave themselves this time around? And regarding the girls, would they speak up, or quietly depart like the last group did?

The second twist was the dreaded thirty second video message. For the first time since they separated, the couples were allowed to send a thirty second video to each other where they could say anything they wanted. Or, they could choose not to send any message at all. And let’s be honest, that would be the most devastating. So, any takers on who didn’t get a message?

Temptation Island Season 2 Episode Recap: Final Bonfire Part 2; The Reunion


As they say, all good things must come to an end. This season of Temptation Island was an incredible thrill ride from start to finish. Maybe not for the couples on the show perhaps, but as a viewer it did not disappoint. Did anyone correctly predict what the outcome for each couple would be? I know I didn’t! 

One outcome during bonfire that should come to no surprise was Kate Griffith kicking David Benavidez to the curb. In fact, she didn’t just kick him to the curb, she went full Mortal Kombat and finished him with a flawless victory fatality when she told him not to tell all of America he whored himself out. Good luck cleaning that hot mess up, Toneata Morgan, you’re going to need it. 

Temptation Island Season 2 Episode Recap: Final Bonfire Part 1

In a sea of mediocre Real Housewives shows, Temptation Island has been a welcome change. This season has had more twists and turns than anything else I’ve seen as of late. Right off the bat, major drama happened when Ashley Goldson hooked up with KB Brown because Rick Fleur said the cuffs were off. David Benavidez wanted Kate Griffith to trust him, but then he betrayed her by hooking up with multiple women and having a threesome. 

Even Casey Starchak’s strategy to win back Ashley Howland from Ben Knobloch was next level. After comparing her to a rat in a box, and saying he didn’t care if Ashley broke up with him, he decided to manipulate her with a “sales pitch” and the diamond ring she had been wanting. So, how will it all end? Thankfully, we have a two part bonfire to wrap this all up!

Temptation Island Season 2 Episode Recap: Tonight Can Change Everything

And now it’s time to say goodbye to Temptation Island, for the singles that is. This is the last chance for them to make their move before the final bonfire where the couples decide if they want to leave the island together, alone, or with someone else. So far, it looks like only Ashley Goldson might want to go home with her boyfriend, while Esonica Veira, Ashley Howland and Kate Griffith will choose to fly solo or leave with someone else.

On the opposite side of things, Gavin Rocker, Casey Starchak, and Rick Fleur seemed to have decided they want to go home with their girlfriends. David Benavidez, as usual, says whatever the person he is with wants to hear, so who knows what he really wants. All I know is, it’s going to be an interesting finale, and no one can be sure of anything.