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Gina Kirschenheiter has been having a terrible year. She went through a messy divorce from Matt Kirschenheiter. In February, Gina was arrested for a DUI, which she later pled guilty to. She has also missed some of her court dates. Matt was arrested for and later charged with domestic violence against her. It is clear on this season of the Real Housewives of Orange County that Gina is overwhelmed with her chaotic life.

OC friends like Emily Simpson have rallied around Gina. Her pain has even resulted in empathy from Shannon Beador, with whom she has had a frosty relationship. With all of Gina’s problems, she could probably use some good advice from someone who has been down a similar road. And who better–or worse–to give that advice than the messiest Housewife divorcee of all, former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville.

Gina defends her divorce. Again

Sometimes it might take a couple of attempts before you reach happily ever after. Just ask Vicki Gunvalson or Tamra Judge (and possibly Emily Simpson). Real Housewives of Orange County star, Gina Kirschenheiter is now finding this out for herself. She was married to ex-husband Matt for seven years and the couple share three children. After relocating from Long Island to California with hopes of a better future, their relationship began to break down. Gina’s marriage suffered from Matt having an affair living separately while he held employment in Los Angeles.

Absence did not make the heart grow fonder in this case. Gina began to allude to marital dissent in Season 13 of RHOC. In April 2018, Gina filed for divorce, but according to her, they maintained a healthy outlook. Unfortunately, things took a violent turn for the worse in June of this year when Matt allegedly assaulted Gina in a drunken rage. Things quickly plummeted downhill for both parties in the aftermath of Matt’s arrest. Now Gina is trying to move on and recover from the trauma she faced. And Matt is trying to stay out of jail.


It’s not a great day to be Matt Kirschenheiter, but shit happens when you (allegedly) assault your wife. Gina Kirschenheiter has been experiencing some… technical difficulties thus far in 2019. On Real Housewives of Orange County, viewers are watching Gina navigate the fallout of her DUI in January. She has also joined the ranks of Not Really Housewives and moved into her own home after leaving her husband. Gina also admitted her former spouse allegedly had an affair, which has undoubtedly added to her distress.

Sometimes things get worse before they get better. After a relatively calm period and strengthening relapse with Matt, all hell broke loose on June 22. Matt allegedly took it upon himself to put his hands on Gina in a violent manner. While their children were at home. That caveman move effectively ended his career, his marriage, and got him a mugshot. Now after months of his fate hanging in the balance, it’s time for Matt to pay the piper.

Real Housewives Of Orange County Shannon Beador

Truth and consequences have come to Real Housewives Of Orange County. Everything unfolded when Shannon Beador decided to take Gina Kirschenheiter to LA for a little fun in the California sun, but nothing can keep the storm clouds away. Not even a designer makeover and many glasses of champagne!

You can take the Rail (zing!) Housewives Of Orange County to LA, but you can’t take the tacky Orange County out of them. Leave it Kelly Dodd to throw a big ol’ fit in a fancy restaurant. But to be fair: Kelly was getting it from all ends, just like she says, except it’s not from 8 guys. But, 6 Housewives pulling a train of gossip about her sex life. 

Gina Kirschenheiter

Looks like Gina Kirschenheiter‘s divorce just took a turn for the worse.

On Tuesday, August 27, newly filed court documents claim that Matt Kirschenheiter, the Real Housewives of Orange County star’s estranged husband, is now requesting spousal support and even revealed Gina‘s salary for her first season as a Housewife.

Kelly Dodd Real Housewives Of Orange County

Last night the Real Housewives Of Orange County tried to have a Pretty Woman moment by taking the distressed and disorganized Gina Kirschenheiter to Rodeo Drive for a makeover, but it ended in tears, tantrums, and tales of trains gone wrong!

I do not FOR ONE SECOND believe the rumor that Kelly Dodd did a train (is that even how you say it?) of 8 guys. I also refuse to look up the proper terminology for “train,” because I did that last week and now I’m getting some suspicious GoogleAds. So thank you Vicki Gunvalson for once again ruining things for everyone.

The most shocking thing about the Trains, Cars, and Terrible Friends saga is that moments after making this proclamation that she knows something very, very terrible about Kelly, Vicki skips out when the rest of the women head to a bar. Vicki pass up free tequila? HUH?

Gina Kirschenheiter Wins Primary Custody Of Kids & $10K Monthly Child Support Payments

During the last Real Housewives of Orange County season, we barely saw any parts of Gina Kirschenheiter’s life. Other than the bright eye shadow, propensity for sequins, and just all-around questionable styling, of course.

Her then-husband Matt Kirschenheiter didn’t ever appear on the show and she just acted like it was normal that he had an apartment that she had never been to three hours away. This season, Gina is OPENING UP. She is talking about her DUI. She confirmed what we all suspected: Matt cheated on her. What else will she share? If her onscreen persona is half as dramatic as the divorce drama that has played out in the press, fans are in for a tumultuous season of RHOC. And some ratty blonde extensions (unfortunately).

Vicki Gunvalson Real Housewives Of Orange County

Ooooh… already a juicy cliffhanger on Real Housewives Of Orange County and courtesy of Vicki Gunvalson no less, who is desperate to prove that she belongs holding an orange.

Kelly Dodd really had no other option but to storm out of Tamra Judge‘s housewarming party after unleashing her superpower supersonic F-bombs on Vicki.

When Kelly’s voice goes to that decibel of extreme whininess I imagine that dogs everywhere go into a trance and start walking, zombie-like, towards the TV screen. Frisker – go to a new master!