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True is love officially dead! The newest breakup we saw coming has hit Meghan King Edmonds and her very social husband Jim Edmonds full force. Meghan recently showed up on Real Housewives of Orange County, which has systematically seen the demise of many unions. Now the OC Curse has it’s latest victims. Literally 10 minutes ago Meghan and Jim were in counseling to work on their relationship – but a lot can change in a weekend.

Meghan’s summer was utter trash. She learned of an “inappropriate texting” situation Jim had with another woman. He admitted guilt but denied a physical relationship. As the world collectively sighed, “Sure, Jan”, Meghan then learned one of her twin boys was facing long term healthcare issues. The mom of three seemed to face both challenges head on. She sought counseling for her ailing marriage and treatment for her little boy. The couple just passed the 5 year mark, and this is one anniversary Meghan will never forget.

Meghan Edmonds And Husband Jim Edmonds Are In Counseling Following His Sexting Scandal

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan Edmonds made an appearance in a recent episode celebrating Shannon Beador’s birthday. It was great to see her enjoying herself given everything that she has gone through since leaving the reality show.

Meghan was rocked by her husband, and Dad jeans enthusiast, Jim Edmonds’ sexting scandal. Meghan channeled her emotions into a blog post where she revealed that she found out the news through the tabloids. Nice.

Real Housewives Of Orange County Shannon Beador

There’s been many a times I’ve suffered second-hand embarrassment while watching a Real Housewives show, but last night’s Real Housewives Of Orange County was officially THE WORST. I was literally blowing a metaphorical whistle at the TV as I witnessed Braunwyn Windham-Burke and Tamra Judge‘s dry-humping. Too much tongue is often a problem on Bravo, but usually in a very different way.

Tamra has the brilliant idea to take a train down to Del Mar, fill plastic penises with vodka, and pass out train conductor whistles to celebrate Shannon Beador‘s 55th birthday party. Cause nothing says middle-age like a drunken orgy!

This trip has historical significance for several reasons: 1) Del Mar is Shannon’s old haunt, from back when she was “fun Shannon,” chugging Andre champagne and stalking surfer dudes; 2) It references the train rumor that so plagued Kelly Dodd‘s indefatigable reputation; 3) Meghan King Edmonds is attending for some unknown reason.

Vicki Gunvalson Says Kelly Dodd Has Changed Since Joining RHOC; Vicki Wants Kelly To Take Accountability For Actions

First of all, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Secondly, the Word of the Day is: hypocrisy. Former full-time Real Housewives of Orange County star, Vicki Gunvalson, is going to give us a lesson in our Word of the Day. Oh, this will be fun! Being Vicki’s friend is no easy task. It begs the question, is anyone friends with Vicki not on the Bravo payroll? Just ask Kelly Dodd. Since joining RHOC, Kelly has had disputes with most of her co-stars. From alums Heather Dubrow (I miss her, don’t judge me) and Meghan King Edmonds, to current conflicts with Tamra Judge and Shannon STORMS Beador, Kelly has added drama to the show.

Speaking of drama, Vicki is quite familiar with the word. We won’t mention her cancer-scamming sordid past with men. Or her endless fights with Tamra. It’s safe to say while Vicki once reigned supreme, the OG of the OC has morphed into the OG of the Oh Please Make It Stop. That said, Vicki is still out for blood and her target is Kelly. Vicki feels Kelly needs to start taking accountability for her actions and try being nice for a change. I will now invite you to remember our Word of the Day: Hypocrisy.

Meghan Edmonds Claps Back After Getting Shamed For Spending Time Away From Kids To Take Son To Treatment

Meghan Edmonds has had a rough year. Aside from Jim Edmonds’ embarrassing sexting activities, she has been dealing with a lot as a mother. One of her twin sons Hart has been struggling with neurological problems.

She has done what she can to get him to the best doctors and pursue treatments that could help progress his development. Currently, she lives in St. Louis, but she took Hart to Los Angeles and New Orleans for treatment, seemingly leaving her son Hayes and daughter Aspen behind. And, because this is 2019, mommy shamers came out in full force on Instagram. Seriously, guys? Isn’t Meghan going through enough these days?

Braunwyn Windham-Burke Reveals Which Former Real Housewife Of Orange County She Wants To Return

Braunwyn Windham-Burke may be a recent transplant to the OC from Miami, but it turns out that she’s more than a little well-connected to several past Orange County Housewives.

In a new interview, the Real Housewives of Orange County newbie opened up about her deep roots with one particular OG of the OC and picked which former ‘Wife she would want back on the show.

Tamra Judge “Felt Bad” For Meghan King Edmonds After Husband’s Alleged Affair

Showing solidarity in the OC!

On Friday, August 30, Tamra Judge spoke out in support of her former co-star Meghan Edmonds amid the Real Housewives of Orange County alum’s marriage troubles. Earlier this summer, news broke that Jim Edmonds was sexting a woman while Meghan gave birth to the couple’s twins, Hayes and Hart. Since then, both Meghan and Jim denied that he actually cheated on her.

Meghan Edmonds Celebrates Her Son Standing Up For The First Time

Life has been anything but easy for Meghan Edmonds lately. The Real Housewives of Orange County alum has been dealing with marital problems and some medical issues with one of her sons.
In June, her slimy husband Jim “Dad Jeans” Edmonds admitted to sexting with another woman but denied any actual physical contact. Is that supposed to make it acceptable, Jim?

Jim even shared a video of himself with his sexting partner on the same day that Meghan gave birth to their twins. That is so disgusting. The mother of three was distraught when she first learned of her husband’s extramarital activities in June.