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Psychics have a long and storied history on Bravo. They puff on e-cigs while fueling dinner parties from hell. They stir the pot in elephant rooms. And they’ve even been known to kickstart the uncovering of a cancer scam. Psychics do the Lord’s work on Bravo. And usually it’s pretty easy to go along with them. Especially when, like in the case of the fake cancer, they happen to be correct. But this particular episode of Summer House is requiring a suspension of disbelief heretofore not required in the Bravoverse.

I mean, what happened this week was a little different. The said psychic was completely off-camera, providing a storyline for the house free of charge. We don’t know their identity. Just that they apparently operate through Instagram.  It’s not as simple or straightforward as, “He will never emotionally fulfill you, ever. Know that.” It was a lot to take in and I’m not sure how much I’m buying it. But I’m, as always, getting ahead of myself.

Summer House Recap: The Power(point) Of Love

One thing we’ve learned about Lindsay Hubbard over the past five seasons of Summer House? She loves her birthday. More than anything, really. So Stephen Traversie leaving at the end of last week’s episode was pretty much the worst way her birthday could possibly end. And this weekpicks up immediately in the wake of Stravy’s unceremonious exit. Except…Lindsay doesn’t know he’s gone yet. So somehow, it falls on Kyle Cooke to tell her that he just helped her boyfriend pack up an Uber. That is, once she’s done complaining to Danielle Olivera about her terrible, no good, very bad birthday.

A crying Kyle feels terrible as he breaks the news, but Lindsay has quite the opposite reaction. In fact, her exact words are, “OK, well that’s his prerogative. Am I supposed to cry about it?” Stone cold unaffected. She forces most of the roommates into celebrating the closing moments of her birthday with a shot of Fireball and that’s that. That night, Hannah Berner sleeps with her so she isn’t alone, and the next morning we’re hilariously treated to a montage of Lindsay fielding phone calls from Stravy for the several days. They vacillate between groveling apologies, flower deliveries and mini-arguments. Did nothing else important happen in the house over the rest of the week?

Summer House Recap: How To Throw A Hail Mary Birthday

Well this week’s episode of Summer House was certainly a roller coaster of emotions, wasn’t it? We witnessed the breakdown of a friendship. The breakdown of a romantic relationship. An underwhelming birthday disaster. Even a very real, heartrending tragedy. And it all happened in the span of a single day. Activated, if you will, on an annual Summer House national holiday — Lindsay Hubbard‘s birthday.

The episode opens, however, with the news of the unexpected and tragic passing of Carl Radke‘s older brother, Curtis. Over the years, Carl and his brother had had a complicated relationship due to the latter’s struggles with addiction. Most recently, Carl had opened up on the show about wanting to rebuild a new foundation with his brother, who was five years older than him. And now that chance isn’t possible. It’s not an exaggeration to tell you I was in tears through half of this episode.

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Summer House is the gift that keeps on giving. Just when I couldn’t handle one more minute of the drama between Hannah Berner and Luke Gulbranson taking over the season, the roommates up and gifted us a truly epic argument about…taking out the garbage. Which quickly tornado’d into a full-blown knock-down, drag-out feud involving thrown glasses, accusations of jealousy and competing sleep schedules. It was truly a joy to behold. But of course, there’s plenty to get through before the episode’s trash-driven climax, so let’s jump in!

It’s the morning after the latest Luke/Hannah clash, and Ciara Miller has officially chosen Hannah’s side in the cold war. Which means she now wants nothing to do with Luke. Particularly after seeing how he’s spoken to Hannah on more than one occasion now. So instead, she decides to wander around the house in a bikini, giving him the cold shoulder. It’s actually kind of amazing to see. Mostly because a guy like Luke clearly isn’t used to getting shut down by someone totally out of his league. Seeing that Hannah is now ruining his chances with Ciara, he immediately jumps into damage control mode.

Craig Conover Austen Kroll

With the latest season of Southern Charm wrapping and the newest season of Summer House beginning, what better time to announce Bravo’s newest love child? Personally, I’m still reeling from the final Southern Charm reunion episodes. I’m also living with their off-camera drama that simply REFUSES to quit. There are levels to this shit.

And then there’s Summer House. So far they’ve featured an entire sandwich debate and a seriously brutal love triangle. Need I say more? With coronavirus mucking up filming and production plans all over the place, it seems Bravo has found yet another answer to fill the content void. MIX AND MATCH THE MAYHEM! This mash up is about to be a train wreck of epic proportions. Several bravo casts are seemingly making their way up the coast to start a whole new series!

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My dear Good Vibe Tribe, welcome back to Week 3 of Summer House. I need to start this week’s recap with an editorial note. Almost a correction, if you will. When I was watching last week’s episode, I had completely forgotten the very real fact that Hannah Berner has a boyfriend. A serious one. He’s a very handsome 44-year-old Irish comedian named Des Bishop. They’ve been officially dating since July of 2020. It’s a matter of public record.

This means Hannah and her boyfriend were dating throughout the entirety of filming for Season 5. Which is odd because she has yet to mention him. She doesn’t talk about him in her confessionals. We don’t see her calling him at night to check in. So far, there’s been no mention of him whatsoever. But if they were dating, it throws all this drama with Luke Gulbranson into question. I get a lot of what Hannah’s referencing has to do with last season and its aftermath. And her feelings are totally valid. But why does she care so much if she’s already moved on with someone else?

Luke Gulbranson Summer House

It’s Episode 2 of Summer House, and if you thought six weeks in quarantine would put our beloved Good Vibe Tribe into the proverbial pressure cooker, you were right. Because drama is already starting to boil. We’ve got a love triangle in full swing. A couple bickering over traditional gender roles. Gossip flying through the house at warp speed. And maybe even one or two happily ever afters in the making. Because apparently it’s possible to find — and maintain — love, even in a global pandemic. Who knew?

Two things I noticed from a production standpoint this week. First, it seems we’re in for a lot of Zoom calls and FaceTime this season. Which is apropos considering the isolation we’re all living through these days. But still, it felt noticeable. The other change, and maybe this is just me, is that production seems to be relying more on mounted cameras throughout the house than usual. It could just be an editing choice, because it wasn’t something I noticed last week during the premiere. But it’s also possible that, because of the pandemic, production has fewer camera crews in the house than in seasons past.

Summer House

Hello Good Vibe Tribe! And welcome to Season 5 of Summer House! I’m particularly thrilled to be writing this recap because this is the full first season in the Hamptons we’ll be covering for Reality Tea! I’m an OG Summer House fan. I’ve watched every week from the very beginning. I even did a special recap of the Season 4 reunion last year. And I’ve consistently told friends, Twitter followers and anyone who would listen that it’s the most underrated show on Bravo. It doesn’t get nearly the love it deserves. And it’s managed to get better season after season while other, more popular shows (cough, Pump Rules, cough) have floundered and circled the drain.

I relate to these Housemates a thousand times more than the SURvers causing havoc in L.A. Maybe it’s because I’m a millennial journalist who lives in New York City, but these are my people. In fact, I’ve even had numerous run-ins over the years with former Summer House cast members just going about my day-to-day life in the city. I used to see Everett Weston on the train all the time around Union Square. One time, I bumped right into Lauren Wirkus as I was leaving the Nike store in Soho with a new pair of gym shoes. (She was lovely, so tall, and on her way home from a Fashion Week party. She was also more than willing to dish about how she wouldn’t be on the show for Season 3. The selfie we took was cute, even if she had to stoop down to my height for it.)