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I’m still not over this week’s episode of Below Deck Mediterranean. I was already upset about the firing of Chef Kiko Lorran. But now that we know Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier is getting fired, it’s too much, too soon. Not to mention the fact that Hannah’s firing was a total set up orchestrated by Bosun Malia White.

How convenient that Malia tells on Hannah after their argument over bunking arrangements. Even more convenient that Malia just so happens to “find” (prescribed) valium on board, along with a (perfectly legal) CBD pen in Hannah’s things. Can we talk about what a violation of privacy that was? Social media was understandably in an uproar over the whole thing. You all should already know I’m always Team Hannah but this incident would make any Hannah-hater upset for her too. Fans aren’t the only ones weighing in though.

Malia White Tom Checketts Below Deck Mediterranean

Do you feel that? It’s the tide turning on Below Deck Mediterranean. This season has been a veritable rollercoaster so far, full of sudden exits, returning yachties from charter seasons past and even one scandalous, headline-making firing by Bravo. I mean, just take a look at how the show’s opening credits have changed from week to week. Last week, we unjustly said goodbye to Chef Kiko Lorran. But that casting change won’t even compare to the drama that’s about to rock The Wellington.

This week opens with sweet Kiko waltzing down the dock, luggage in tow. (Onto a better and brighter future without Captain Sandy Yawn backseat-driving his galley, surely). Hannah Ferrier is absolutely gutted by her pal leaving. She feels guilty for being partially responsible for the meal that sunk his ship. And, now, she doesn’t have a single true ally amongst the crew and she knows it.

Below Deck Mediterranean Malia White
Am I the only still recovering from last week’s devastating episode of Below Deck Mediterranean? After undermining Kiko Lorran all season long, Captain Sandy Yawn fired the chef in the middle of a charter and still expected him to finish it out with full enthusiasm. That was just so cold and so tough to watch.
It gets even more scandalous though. On tonight’s episode, bosun Malia White’s boyfriend Tom Checketts, who just happens to be a chef, is visiting her. Wow. That timing is just so “coincidental” isn’t it? Many viewers are not buying that one, assuming this was a complete setup from the start.

Hannah raising funds for organization that helps people with anxiety, suicidal tendencies

The most recent episode of Below Deck Mediterranean was an absolute doozy. Doozie? I don’t know. I’m still recovering. **Spoiler Alert**

Watching chef Kiko Lorran be applauded by the guests split between him sobbing in his cabin and telling chief stew Hannah Ferrier he loves her forever warmed my cold dead heart. Watching Captain Sandy Yawn scurry around figuring out that a beloved chef being fired mid charter might bring down morale cooled it right back off though. Don’t worry. As always, Hannah was caught between the two trying to hold it all together. She’s already dealt with a ton. There was the loss of her second stew. Then the return of her less-than-friend, Bugsy Drake. Let’s not forget she’s still sharing quarters with racist and since fired idiotPete Hunziker. Though well-earned, it didn’t make watching Hannah’s panic attack on this week’s episode any easier.

Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Justice For Kiko

Wow, this week’s Below Deck Mediterranean was hard to watch. I can’t be the only one who felt that way, right? Watching a tearful Chef Kiko Lorran be chewed up and spit out was not only painful but frankly unfair and all kinds of unnecessary. I mean, last week ended with the Brazilian ray of sunshine being summarily fired by Captain Sandy Yawn. In front of the rest of the crew. In the middle of a charter. And then, he was expected to carry on and rise to the occasion for an entire day and a half after being told his food is terrible.

Tonight’s episode picks right back up in the middle of Sandy informing Kiko that he’ll be done once they reach the dock. And honestly, it isn’t any less frustrating to watch the second time around. In her confessional, the captain admits she likes Kiko. (If you don’t, you have a heart of stone.) But she insists that leading a crew isn’t about liking them, it’s about them doing their jobs correctly. But here’s the main issue with Sandy’s leadership style. Yes you have to find capable employees who can execute their responsibilities. But even more importantly, you have to create an environment as a leader where every person on your crew is primed to succeed and be their best selves. And that doesn’t equal micromanaging every single thing they do and constantly criticizing them as you look over their shoulder.

Below Deck Mediterranean Pete Hunziker

In case anyone was wondering why Pete Hunziker is barely on this season of Below Deck Mediterranean, he got fired from the show after posting some racist memes. Sure, it’s a little fruitless to be “fired” from a show that’s already been filmed with cast members that rarely last more than one season. Nevertheless, they’ve edited out his confessionals and he has very minimal appearances in the episodes, except for when he’s offending his female co-workers. He seems like a stand up guy, right?

After posting the horrific meme, he “defended” himself by saying he’s “VERY sexually active with women of all races.” Ugh. How cringe-worthy. Then, he deleted all of his social media pages. Now, he’s back on the gram to apologize… months later.

Below Deck Mediterranean Captain Sandy Yawn Kiko Lorran

Tonight we were in for a supersized episode of Below Deck Mediterranean, which delivered supersized drama of epic proportions for Kiko Lorran.

All the pressure was on the chef this week to deliver a Vegas-themed feast. But like any bad trip to Sin City, what happened in the galley didn’t necessarily stay in the galley. If the previews for next week are any indication, it appears some major changes are about to happen aboard The Wellington. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, shall we?

Below Deck Mediterranean Hannah Ferrier

Well…that charter certainly didn’t go well, did it? If last week’s Below Deck Mediterranean ended on a down note, this week it was all hands on deck…for total disaster. And frankly, the root of the problems start in the galley. Two weeks ago, Chef Kiko Lorran conquered an unimaginable feat with his 72-plate, six-course meal. But just one charter later, he’s been sent spiraling by single vegan charter guest. Or maybe it’s just the lack of moqueca?

This Below Deck Mediterranean episode picks up in the aftermath of last week’s raw fish debacle. Kiko is shaken up by his poor performance, even going as far as declaring that it was the “worst day of his life.” With some encouragement from Bugsy Drake, the chef calls it a night by reminding himself that tomorrow will be a new day. But will it be better? Spoiler alert: not necessarily. Meanwhile, Pete Hunziker is relegated to the latest possible anchor watch for three reasons. 1. To keep him away from all-female crew members. 2. To give him plenty of time to think about his bad behavior. And 3. To thankfully keep him off of our screens during the day as much as possible. Fired by Bravo and officially demoted, this week finally felt like the beginning of Creepy Pete being edited out of the rest of the season.