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Katie Maloney Vanderpump Rules

Yes, we all know that Kristen Doute isn’t the most rational person on Vanderpump Rules. Then again, who really is? Still, it’s so sad to see her excluded from cast events. Katie Maloney invited every woman with a pulse that lives in West Hollywood to girls’ wine night. Except for Kristen.

The extra salt in this wound? The night was all about drinking wine while Kristen, Katie, and Stassi Schroeder were at odds over their wine line. Katie invited Charli Burnett, who I think is hilarious, but she and Katie have zero relationship. Katie even invited Raquel Leviss, whose boyfriend she had been feuding with for years.

Stassi Schroeder Says Lala Kent Is “The Erika Jayne” Of Vanderpump Rules”‘ Lala Kent Calls Raquel Leviss A “Peasant”

What is going on with Lala Kent on the current season of Vanderpump Rules? What happened to the underdog we all rooted for? Now, she is popping off left and right… against sweetheart Raquel Leviss, no less, completely unprovoked.

Hopefully, Lala has gained some perspective and learned some lessons watching the episodes back. However, it sure doesn’t seem like she has.

Vanderpump Rules Scheana Marie

Oh sheesh, after serial dating everyone else on the cast to see who sticks (aka who will even pretend to put up with them), Dayna Kathan and Brett Caprioni are finally getting their moment on Vanderpump Rules.

And then there is Stassi Schroeder literally begging Beau Clark for a ring. Isn’t this a pattern for her to demand these men want to commit on her terms? Just like it’s a pattern for Scheana Marie to fake BFF every guy under 30 who she meets at SUR, writing his initials in puffy paint circled by a heart on all her most favorite sweatshirts. Doodling SM + ANYONE WHO WILL LOVE ME AND MY PRACTICALLY BARREN GERIATRIC WOMB. Anyway, where is Lala Kent to point out Stassi’s flaws? Good thing we’re here to do that instead.

Seriously Scheana may not be able to land a date, but she’s certainly able to launch the would-be careers of previously no-name SURvers. Maybe she should finally give up waitressing to go work with Beau in central casting? (Not kidding!) 

Kristen Doute Vanderpump Rules

Last week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules left a lot of people sympathizing with Katie Maloney, for the first time in years. She was offended by a prank Randall Emmett, Lala Kent, and Jax Taylor played on Tom Sandoval. Tom Schwartz felt the exact opposite, so he decided to berate her talk about how he never wants to have sex with her in front of all their friends. Oh, and the Vanderpump Rules viewers, of course.
Now that Katie and Schwartz have the spotlight among the show’s 16,324 cast members, they’re gonna capitalize on that. Their next storyline? Renewing their vows in Las Vegas. However, their first marriage wasn’t actually legal, so it’s just a wedding redo. Their inviting some of the same people, except for Kristen Doute. Last week, Katie excluded Kristen from girls night. Now, Katie isn’t including her in the wedding redo. That doesn’t seem like a big deal, but in actuality Kristen is probably freaking out that she’s missing out on some money by not being included at events that are filmed for the show.

Lala Kent Defends Her “Fighting Style” On Vanderpump Rules; Says She Doesn’t Care What People Think Of Her

It wouldn’t be Vanderpump Rules if Lala Kent didn’t have beef with at least one cast member on the show. Last season she had major issues with Billie Lee. She “popped off” at Billie during Scheana Marie’s housewarming party, and had a major meltdown during brunch service at SUR. Lala also dissolved her friendship with James Kennedy and chose to be friends with her former bullies, Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney instead. 

This season Lala might be on the right track with James, but she is definitely on the wrong track with his girlfriend, Raquel Leviss. All the rage and vitriol Lala spat at Billie last year is going right to Raquel this year. And for what reason? Because Raquel stood by James’ side? Lala’s behavior hasn’t won her any points with fans. The heat must have gotten to her because she apologized for being an “asshole” to Raquel. Still, she isn’t taking full accountability, and recently she shared why.

Vanderpump Rules Raquel Leviss

Watching Vanderpump Rules can sometimes be cringe inducing. Seeing people in their 30’s and 40’s (birthday boy Jax Taylor!) acting like they are still in college makes you feel a little embarrassed for them. Sometimes, however, it takes a younger–and less jaded person–to add levity to situations. Case in point–Raquel Leviss. This season, we saw Raquel stand up to boyfriend James Kennedy regarding his problem with alcohol and his verbally abusive behavior towards her.

Last week, Raquel took on shameless Lala Kent–and surprise, surprise, emerged the victor in their dust up. Lala went after Raquel at Katie Maloney’s party–and Raquel didn’t back down. In fact, in what I consider one of the all- time great reality show moments, after a dramatic Lala said she felt like bashing her head into a table, a calm and composed Raquel told her simply, “Please do.” Reality gold! So, what do Raquel and Lala think about their confrontation?

Lala Kent Vanderpump Rules

Who would have thought that Vanderpump Rules Season 8 would be the season when we all get behind Raquel Leviss. We have Lala Kent to thank for that. She has been unnecessarily cruel and antagonistic to Raquel. From what we’ve seen, Raquel has been nice and gracious. It’s quite the contrast.

Meanwhile, Lala just goes in insult after insult, trying to rile this woman up. Two weeks ago, Lala attempted to “out” James Kennedy be rekindling the rumor that he hooked up with one-time best friend Logan Noh. Talk about crossing a line! It was also completely unrelated to the topic they were discussing. Then, on this week’s episode, she had the nerve to try and spin it around and act as if Raquel is the one obsessed with “Logan.” Girl, you are the one who brought this up, not Raquel.

Katie Maloney Vanderpump Rules

Things are happening on Vanderpump Rules. Dramatic things! Jax Taylor turned 40. We do not need to celebrate any more milestones for him though. Raquel Leviss is suddenly finding herself included in things. I can’t tell if that’s because Kristen Doute is finally finding herself EXcluded for not making Carter her official ex, or if it’s because Lala Kent wants to eviscerate Raquel in public. Or because James Kennedy has finally sobered up and everyone wants to experience the potential shit-show that is Sober James?

Lisa Vanderpump meets Ariana Madix for a little horseplay. Lisa has taught her horse to talk, likes to make-out with him, and can conjure his wiener on demand. Lisa is one step away from Carole Baskin, and Ken better watch out before he finds himself fed to a pen full of tiny ponies. You know Lisa’s next wedding will feature a slavish weirdo wearing a pink tasseled horse saddle while she holds him by the literal reigns.

(Please watch Tiger King. I will be recapping a couple episodes, and we need to discuss.)