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Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards. Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Danielle Staub and Teresa Giudice. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. What do all of these things have in common? They’re legendary feuds in their own right. And I would argue that the ongoing back and forth between forever frenemies Gizelle Bryant and Karen Huger on the Real Housewives of Potomac trumps them all, at least when it comes to expert shade-throwing. And somehow it still feels like it’s just getting started.

Gizelle and Karen have battled it out to be the Queen B of RHOP since the beginning. And their feud has so many iconic moments, from Gizelle’s #FreeUncleBen shirt to the Grand Dame’s attack on Jamal Bryant who lives in the phone. We had the mime scene. The birthday party seat fiasco. And countless arguments during reunions. It’s a feud that I will never tire of and never truly pick one side of — I love it for what it is, and I never want either of them to leave RHOP.

Wendy Osefo Karen Huger Real Housewives Of Potomac

Season six of Real Housewives of Potomac is upon us at long last. Is everyone as excited as I am!? Last season really had it all. There was the physical altercation between Candiace Dillard Bassett and Monique Samuels. Then we had the introduction of Dr. Wendy Osefo with her academic and professional prowess. Hell, there was even a pet bird centric character arc. What more could we ask for?

After becoming a housewife, Wendy’s name has been thrown around in these streets more than a little. Most recently her husband, Eddie Osefo, was not only accused of cheating, but fathering a baby with a co-worker! Looks we have at least one juicy storyline coming our way!

Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Love Potions & Waffle House Bathrooms

The ladies of The Real Housewives of Potomac are once again reigning supreme. They’re in their prime and delivering explosive season after season. They can’t do anything wrong. Things are already heating up on the sixth season of the franchise. Gizelle Bryant & Karen Huger are destined to be frenemies until the end of time. The level of vitriol between the pair is palpable.

Wendy Osefo underwent quite the second season glow up, and she is SERVING us. Her “nude interlude” on the premiere episode also introduced viewers to Mia Thornton. She’s already radiating messy and delusional vibes, so this should be good. She also serves as a genuine ally for Karen which The Grand Dame desperately needs. It’ll be interesting to see how she continues to vibe with the women. Who will she rub the wrong way first?

Karen Huger Says Gizelle Bryant Is “A Big Liar” Who “Has To Own Her Mess”

There is arguably no better Real Housewives feud than the ongoing banter between Gizelle Bryant and Karen Huger. Since the beginning of the Real Housewives of Potomac, they’ve STAYED arguing and throwing shade. And their fights are some of the show’s most iconic moments. Gizelle taking the center seat at La Dame’s birthday party. Gizelle’s #FreeUncleBen shirt at Karen’s press conference about Ray Huger’s tax issues. And, of course, the infamous mime luncheon, one of the greatest TV scenes of all time.

Karen and Gizelle battling for the queen bee spot is the heart of RHOP. And while Gizzy has always had Robyn Dixon by her side, the Grande Dame has a bandit of her own with newbie Mia Thornton. And the ladies came in hot during the Season 6 premiere, wasting no time arguing about each other’s coochies, of course. Bravo, please never get rid of either of these women. I worship them.

Karen Huger Real Housewives Of Potomac

It’s clear from the premiere of the Real Housewives of Potomac that Gizelle Bryant and Karen Huger’s relationship has some irreparable damage. From screaming about WAP boxes vs. drop boxes and Ray Huger’s “broken” penis, these two obvious are not over their bombshell feud at the reunion last year. And while I love watching the Grand Dame and Gizzy argue as much as the next fan (especially if there’s a mime involved), they have to resolve some of their issues so they can at least be in the same room as one another.

And while Robyn Dixon is always there to back up her fellow green-eyed bandit, La Dame finally got a sidekick of her own with Mia Thornton. And it’s not surprising to hear that Gizzy and Mia had a rocky start considering that Karen is in her ear. But Gizelle and Karen have a lot of history, and even Ray aka Uncle Ben wants to see them reunite. Maybe now that Karen won’t be able to make fun of Jamal Bryant who lives in the phone, they might have a chance.

Karen Huger

The Real Housewives of Potomac can (mostly) do no wrong in my eyes. I stan the entire current cast, aside from newbie Mia Thornton, but that’s also because I don’t know her yet. They’re entertaining as hell, know how to slay a look, and bring the drama season after season. However, they have some questionable opinions about the Bravo universe that makes me (sadly) shake my head.

Everyone and their mother has their take on the legal saga surrounding Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne. Her shady divorce seems clearly like a ploy to protect her assets as Tom Girardi is being accused of embezzling millions from his legal clients. Apparently, he’s been doing this for years and deposited some of the money right into EJ’s bank account. And while the majority of people seem to believe that it’s impossible that Erika DIDN’T know about Tom’s alleged evil ways of funding their over-the-top lifestyle, some people staunchly believe Erika is somehow innocent. Even though she’s still flying private and only worrying about herself, rather than the victims her husband allegedly stole from.

Wendy Osefo Real Housewives Of Potomac

BAYBAY! The Real Housewives Of Potomac are FINALLY back on our screens. We truly don’t deserve this group of dynamic women, but somehow we remain eternally blessed. Last season got dark and heavy following the physical altercation between Candiace Dillard Bassett & Monique Samuels. However, the latter won’t be returning this season, so perhaps it will be a much lighter vibe. Although they do NOT play in the P.

Besides Mo, all of the previous cast members are returning for another season of fun and drama. Longtime frenemies Karen Huger & Gizelle Bryant are likely going to be at each other’s throats again. Undoubtedly there will be drama with Ashley Darby & her controversial Aussie husband Michael Darby. Robyn Dixon is there too! Mia Thornton is making her debut. She better be fabulous. Sadly for Gizelle, Wendy Osefo is also back and NOT here for her games.

Gizelle Bryant RHOP Real Housewives Of Potomac

Gizelle Bryant and Karen Huger’s forever feud has run deep since the first season of the Real Housewives of Potomac. Karen thinks Gizzy is “tacky as hell” and can’t resist a moment to dog her FORMER relationship with Pastor Jamal Bryant who lives in the phone. Gizelle has tried to expose the Grand Dame for renting her house, being silent about her money problems with Ray Huger and everything else. Both ladies could write the textbook for how to master the art of Real Housewives-level one-liners and disses.

Gizelle has always had her green-eyed bandit Robyn Dixon by her side, while La Dame tends to fight her battles alone. But it looks like Season 6 will bring Karen a new bestieMia Thornton. Karen’s gushed about her new friend joining the show, and the trailer shows fans that she gets into a food fight with Candiace Dillard Bassett, which is already iconic. CandeeGal thought she was in the clear now that Monique Samuels is gone, but obviously, she’s going to find some trouble with the new girl running the streets of Potomac.