Real Housewives of Atlanta

Phaedra Parks & Apollo

Joe Giudice is not the first Real Housewives husband to serve time. That honor belongs to Apollo Nida, the ex-husband of Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Phaedra Parks.  Apollo is currently serving an 8-year prison sentence for identity theft and bank fraud.  He and Phaedra share two young sons.

Apollo managed to get engaged in prison to Sherien Almufti. Since then Sherien has become Apollo’s very public mouthpiece. She claimed Phaedra won’t let the boys visit Apollo in prison.  Sherien even appeared at the opening of the OLG Restaurant. Then Sherien revealed that she’d be making an appearance on season 10 of Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta.  We hoped Sherien had a good storage bag for that wedding gown because Apollo was only 3.5 years into his sentence at the time.

NeNe Leakes

Age is certainly but a number judging by the season finale of Real Housewives Of Atlanta!

I don’t know when and where this development occurred, since I don’t feel like we’ve heard a word about this all season, but suddenly Cynthia Bailey is launching a wine cooler collection with Seagrams – which seems like it was really a ruse to launch the return of Kenya Moore. I mean, who could hate on a heavily pregnant lady, right? Oh, wait, NeNe Leakes could!

I have been racking my brain about where NeNe and Kenya’s latest issues stemmed from. NeNe finally confirmed they started over a random twitter question posed to Kenya that was the Bravo equivalent of Marry, Shag, Kill, except it was “Call, Text, Delete” between Porsha Williams, Andy Cohen, or NeNe. Of course, Kenya picked NeNe as her “delete.” So THIS is the origin of the animosity.

Kenya Moore Returns To Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Tonight is the finale of Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 11, and the big surprise isn’t just Porsha Williams‘ gender reveal (especially since the cat is already VERY out of the bag!) but that Kenya Moore will return to show off her own baby bump, and of course stir up some trouble. Although this time unintentionally, it seems!

After a lackluster season where Porsha was one of the few highlights, the reunion and accompanying social media drama is more than making up for it. Not that following Porsha’s journey of love and motherhood isn’t fun, but it shouldn’t be the ONLY thing interesting happening on an entire season of a very popular Housewives franchise! Alright, I also enjoyed Tanya Sam, and although I thought Shamari DeVoe was fun, she didn’t really do much. Other than drink. 

NeNe & Porsha

It’s NeNe Leakes’ world. We’re all just living in it. Or at least that’s what she thinks. The Real Housewives of Atlanta have been walking on eggshells around NeNe all season long. She gets offended by everything and manages to make everything about her. Well, guess what, NeNe? It’s an ensemble show.

Well, technically it is an ensemble show. However, if we are being honest, Porsha Williams carried the season. She got pregnant and engaged. She finally made peace with Kandi Burruss. And most importantly, she brought us some much-needed laughs. So, of course, she got a spin-off special. She’s been the most fun to watch this season. By far. Just don’t tell, NeNe. She is not at all happy about Porsha’s spin-off show. Or anything in general.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta - Porsha Williams Proposal

After much speculation, it’s officially official. Porsha Williams has her own spin-off show. After a camera crew was spotted at Porsha’s baby shower, it seemed pretty obvious. But now, she has confirmed it. The special will document the tail end of Porsha’s pregnancy and the birth of her daughter Pilar Jhena.

Presumably, there will be a plethora of hot dogs involved as well. Or at the very least, her fiancé (hot dog entrepreneur) Dennis McKinley will get more screen time. It will be interesting to see their relationship away without the meddling from Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members… cough cough Kandi Burruss.

Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion

After making her husband’s cancer diagnosis about her, NeNe Leakes continues to make everything possible about her. Again. The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 11 reunion trailer just dropped. And, for the most part, it’s NeNe against everyone else.

That makes sense since nothing happened for the first half of the season. Other than fashion-induced arguments. Then Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss went into NeNe’s closet and all hell broke loose. I’m actually surprised NeNe isn’t sitting on a barstool alone across from a long sofa full of Housewives. It seems like no one is on her side. Well, except for Marlo Hampton. And apparently Shamari DeVoe. They are the only two cast members that NeNe follows on Instagram after the reunion taping.


Real Housewives of Atlanta fans were treated to a front row seat for Porsha Williams entire pregnancy. But first, viewers saw Kandi Burruss express her skepticism about Porsha’s fiancé, Dennis McKinley, and their relationship moving much too fast. We all know that Kandi knows exactly what the streets are talking about! In the end, Kandi seems to have accepted Porsha’s man– even with all his scandalous tattoos of other’s ladies’ names.

Porsha documented so many amazing milestones in her pregnancy journey. She told her fellow RHOA Peaches about her wonderful news during the ladies’ Tokyo trip. Porsha and Dennis enjoyed a relaxing Bahamas “babymoon,” which is the last trip that an expectant couple takes before their baby’s arrival. And before sleep deprivation sets in.

Eva Marcille - Real Houewives Of Atlanta

Another day, another Real Housewife with financial problems, living a life she can’t afford. This time Eva Marcille is the one accused of being secretly broke while fronting . The Real Housewives Of Atlanta are working the case of whether or not Eva has money.

I’m not really sure I understand this story but the gist of it seems to be that one of Eva’s bridesmaids, Seannita, got angry with her over the wedding – Why? What happened? Where is the rest of this story? Seannita took things to Mama Joyce‘s streets where she choked Eva’s wedding planner at the actual wedding (!). Then, ran all over town until she turned up on Marlo Hampton‘s doorstep like Postmates delivering tea, piping hot, ready to drink, and with a buy one, get one coupon. The story Seannita told Marlo, and then NeNe Leakes and Tanya Sam was witness protection program crazy!