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It’s hard to believe it could get any worse, but the allegations facing Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi just keep piling up. Tom lost his license to practice law, his house and allegedly even his health amidst allegations that he withheld millions of dollars from his clients for years without fault. Many of those settlements were intended for victims of horrific car accidents, plane crashes and more, but instead ended up in EJ’s glam budget. Erika has denied any involvement, but the evidence so far shows otherwise. It’s been fishy since she first filed a divorce against Tom that looked to be a ploy to protected her unearned riches.

This season of RHOBH is just getting to the tip of the Girardi iceberg after Erika announced her divorce to her friends at the end of last week’s episode. Most of the cast, aside from Sutton Stracke, seem to be supporting Erika and believing her cries of innocence. But the feds aren’t letting her off the hook that easy.

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Similar to Jen Shah of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Erika Jayne’s extraness has proven to be her downfall. Both Jen and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star have bragged about their extravagant lifestyles, only to be caught up in embezzlement and fraud lawsuits that could lead to jail time. Or at the very least, a complete shake-up of their XXPen$ive lifestyles. It just goes to show that all that glitters is not gold. 

Erika’s husband Tom Girardi is truly in some deep shitThe longtime L.A. lawyer has had his assets frozen and lost his license to practice law after being accused of embezzling more than $26 million in unpaid funds to victims of horrific accidents. The lawyer stole the money from victims to fund he and EJ’s extravagant lifestyle, which is just downright evil. To add to the craziness, Erika filed for divorce around the same time news of the lawsuit broke, looking like a last-ditch attempt for her to recover her assets. Even though she’s claiming her 81-year-old husband with failing health somehow had the time to cheat on her while swindling millions from his clients. Rich people problems, am I right?

Erika Girardi isn’t exactly in the clear, even though she’s crying scapegoat and getting her co-stars to run a sympathy campaign for her. But the proof is in the pudding, and she’s fair-game for an investigation. Even the feds are tuning in to RHOBH now, and I wonder what they think of Sutton Stracke’s crying or Kathy Hilton’s antics? They’re definitely taking plenty of notes of how EJ bragged about her love for Tom just DAYS before filing for divorce. Messy, messy.

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The dramatic legal saga involving Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sounds like a tale straight out of a dark and twisted movie. EJ filed for divorce from the longtime lawyer, just days after gushing about her husband, in what seems to be an attempt to protect her ass-ets. Tom is accused of allegedly embezzling more than $26 million in unpaid settlement funds from his clients, many of whom are victims of horrific accidents, to fund his extravagant lifestyle. The tale has everything a suspenseful drama flick needs — cheating allegations, health scares and a main character who’s claiming she’s a “scapegoat” with a tribe of yes women by her side.

Last week’s RHOBH episode showed when Erika dropped the bomb on her friends that she filed for divorce, but it’s unclear how much will really be revealed. We know Sutton Stracke allegedly asks the tough questions to EJ amidst it all, but something tells me from Erika’s attitude that it’s nothing but smoke and mirrors.  Thankfully, ABC released a new documentary on Hulu entitled “The Housewife and the Hustler” to attempt at getting the nitty-gritty facts about the whole ordeal.

Tom Girardi Asked A Burn Victim To Put Settlement Money Into One Of His Own Investments And Victim Never Actually Got His Money

If you haven’t watched The Housewife and the Hustler yet, run, don’t walk to Hulu and sit down with some popcorn. The documentary attempts to break down the legal allegations against Tom Girardi and wife, Erika Jayne. While the doc focuses mainly on Tom’s alleged swindling, there is also plenty of Erika footage in there. Including the flaunting of her lavish lifestyle on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

We also get treated to commentary from Danielle Staub and Dana Wilkey of all people. Danielle provides some fluff and makes sure to bring everything back to herself. And Dana plugs her podcast but doesn’t talk about things like $25k sunglasses. After all, that would be in pretty poor taste given the circumstances. Now if only someone could explain that to Erika and her Instagram account.

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It looks like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers are on the cusp of learning what exactly it is Erika Jayne goes through at night. The latest episode of the show ended with a group text. Always fun. This time it was an announcement that Erika would be divorcing her husband of 22 years, Tom Girardi. While the Housewives all seemed appropriately shocked, fans have been waiting for this moment for what feels like years.

Erika made her divorce filing public on Election Day back in November. If that was her attempt to fly under the radar, it was an epic failure. This story has been an absolute roller-coaster ride since it started. Erika now faces penalties for doxxing Tom’s alleged mistress. Tom either has dementia or is claiming to in an attempt to skirt some responsibility for his alleged actions. There was even a point where Erika was selling her designer clothes in a possible attempt to recoup some of the money she swindled via Tom. Supposedly, RHOBH will be putting it all out there. It’s what we deserve.

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Season 11 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills welcomed some new faces. Sutton Stracke, who was a Friend of the Housewives last season, is clutching a diamond this time around. RHOBH alum Teddi Mellencamp recommended her friend, Crystal Kung Minkoff, for the show. Crystal runs a successful business, RealCoco, and is a married mother of two.

And Kyle Richards’ older sister, Kathy Hilton, signed on as a Friend of the Housewives. Kathy is hilarious. I can’t get enough!

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The ladies of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are bringing it this season. And it’s a refreshing change from the past few seasons filled with gang-ups, deflections and a whole lot of NOT owning it. We know that Erika Vain Jayne’s fishy divorce and ongoing legal issues with Tom Girardi will be addressed shortly, and she’s choosing her words carefully since the feds are tuning into Bravo now. Sutton Stracke is putting her new diamond to work with her constant crying and ugly feud with newbie Crystal Kung Minkoff. Garcelle Beauvais is not over Lisa Rinna’s behavior last season toward her so-called friend Denise Richards. And it’s pretty hilarious to watch Rinna continue to try to brush it off, while Garcelle refuses to let up. And don’t even get me started on the joy that is Kathy Hilton, the true savior of RHOBH.

It appears as though the RHOBH cast is paying attention to what fans have been saying about the past few seasons. Rinna is doing overtime to try to appear like a good friend. The girls are learning to throw shade in every direction, rather than ganging up on one person. Well, unless that person is Lisa Vanderpump.

These ladies, particularly LVP’s old buddies Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards, will never let up on shading the Brit for their volatile past. And while a Kyle and LVP reconciliation would happen when pigs fly (or when Erika is actually HONEST about ANYTHING in her life), the two can’t help but have a little fun by being shady to one another in the press. To me, it honestly seems like they miss each other because they both love to bring the other up any chance they get. It’s almost kind of endearing, in some sick and twisted way.

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There’s truly nothing better in my book than a Bravo crossover. It’s why I’m jumping in my seat for Bravo to air Winter House (I will never get used to Summer House Winter Charm) and the Real Housewives All-Stars special. Even singular episodes, like when Real Housewives of New York alum Bethenny Frankel made a guest appearance on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. B and Kyle Richards go wayyyy back and it was everything to see them together on-screen. B shaded Erika Jayne. She kept her cold sense of humor around a bunch of glam valley girls. And, of course, there were SkinnyGirl margs. Sounds to me like Christmas morning.

Like I said, Kyle and Bethenny have history. They met in the 90s in LA and B even served as an assistant to the one, the only Kathy Hilton. The throwback pics are EVERYTHING and worth a deep-dive to see these two ladies starting out their adult lives, big hair and all. However, they both take (or in B’s case, took) their time on Real Housewives very differently. Kyle would have to leave RHOBH kicking and screaming, while B never wants to return. Kyle is putting on a front of close friendship among her co-stars while Bethenny isn’t afraid to lash out and burn bridges. Maybe that’s why their friendship lasted so long — because they both live on different coasts of the U.S. and don’t see each other that often. Let alone, they’ve never appeared full-time on the same show.