Real Housewives of New York City Recap

Luann de Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

Thankfully the Real Housewives of New York are out of Salem and back in the city. It wasn’t doing it for anyone, and they need to be back where they belong. There’s still time to kick this dreadful season into a higher gear. So much of the season has centered about Eboni K. Williams and her tendency to shift the conversation in a political direction. However, the blame can not be placed on any ONE person. That includes Leah McSweeney

A major talking point throughout the Salem trip was Sonja Morgan and her drinking. The women seemed to have gotten through to her, but time will tell if anything actually permeated. It’s a bizarre group to have lecture anyone about alcohol though. None of them really have room to talk or judge. It would be nice though if Sonja could find herself on a path rooted in healthier decisions.

Real Housewives Of New York Recap: Seance And The City

Bershan Shaw took things to the next level on last week’s episode of Real Housewives of New York. She set her sighs on ALL of the women, and didn’t hold back. In particular, it was Sonja Morgan on the biggest receiving end of Bershan’s new attitude. She was called a clown and repeatedly mimicked by the New York newbie. This is already rubbing everyone the wrong way. Nobody knows Bershan like that to take this type verbal lashing from her.

Bershan’s walking a fine line because she’s risking getting iced out. These women don’t know her that well, and she’s already pissed them off. If she doesn’t back down a bit, they might do whatever they can to further alienate her. It was clear at the dinner she was just spewing whatever she could to get a reaction. Some of it was factual, but none of it landed the way she wanted. Now, she has a target on her back, and tensions are dangerously high.

Real Housewives Of New York Recap: The Big Apple Circus Takes Salem By Storm

Snooze. Bored. Those are two words that come to mind to describe this season of The Real Housewives of New York. It feels like nothing has happened this season. The only thing to note is the weekly educational lesson we get from Eboni K. Williams. These women are on a trip to Salem, and it feels like a dark spell has been cast on us. This isn’t the show we know and love. This is a shell of what it used to be. Something needs to happen to liven this season up.

Bershan Shaw has been a pleasant addition so far. It’s not enough though. Something needs to change because this is NOT it. Fans have turned on Leah McSweeney. People seemingly blame her for being part of the downfall. However, can this really be attributed to one person? Dropping Leah or firing long time cast member Ramona Singer is not the way to approach this. Maybe the Salem trip will take a turn and not feel like watching school on TV.

Leah McSweeney Real Housewives Of New York

It’s time for The Real Housewives Of New York to get spooky! The women are off to Salem for their second trip of the season. Leah McSweeney’s chosen Salem as their next destination because why not? It’s the most on brand choice possible for the edgy sophomore Housewife. This sort of trip might not sit well with the more conservative women of the group like Ramona Singer, but it sounds like a blast.

Despite the witchy fun in store for everyone, there are still issues lingering in the group. Eboni K. Williams has rubbed many of the women the wrong way with her educational moments. She should be trying to get to know a new group of ladies, but that’s now how they’re feeling for the most part. To them, it all feels a little too preachy when all they want to do is have fun. She’s risking never fitting in with the group if she doesn’t dial it back a little.

Eboni K. Williams Real Housewives Of New York

The Real Housewives of New York are serving up a season of wokeness. The arrival of Eboni K. Williams has been a game changer for this group of privileged women. They don’t seem to understand how to talk to or act around a Black woman. This has already led Eboni to spend many episodes attempting to educate and inform these women. She shouldn’t hold her breath that someone like Ramona Singer is going to change so quickly.

With Heather Thomson out of the picture, there’s room for a new friend in the group. Bershan Shaw is FINALLY making her debut on the show which should be a thrilling addition. How well will she acclimate to the group? These women can be a tough group to break into and get to know. Her connection to Ramona might make it even more difficult for some of the ladies to accept her. Ramona isn’t exactly the most beloved person of all time.

Real Housewives Of New York Recap: Living It, Feeling It, & Breathing It

Leah McSweeney reached her breaking point on last week’s episode of Real Housewives of New York. Her grandmother’s declining health is taking a grand toll on her. It’s causing Leah to lash out at everything and everyone in her path. Heather Thomson picked the wrong time to be shady and stir the pot. It’s clear Heather is purposely trying to illicit a reaction from Leah. However, Leah’s barrage of rage was disproportionate to Heather’s actions.

Everyone has an opinion about Leah & Heather. Everyone wants to take a side. However, which of these Queen Bee’s is actually going to come out on top? Heather might not be sticking around beyond this weekend, but does that make Leah the victor? How do you define a winner in a nasty feud like this? It’s clear these women have a deep disdain for one another already. It all comes down to this episode. Holla!

Leah McSweeney Real Housewives Of New York

Whew! This season of The Real Housewives of New York has wasted no time diving into the drama deep end. Ending last week’s episode with Luann de Lesseps kicking Eboni K. Williams out of her home was shocking. Nobody saw that coming. The fight was initially about Leah McSweeney, but things quickly spiraled out of control. Hopefully Luann’s able to understand where she went wrong, and important conversations can be had to create change.

Heather Thomson’s presence on this vacation to The Hamptons is triggering Leah. This is a powder keg waiting to explode. These two women are not vibing in any way, shape, or form. Something is going to give when it comes to these two. They started off in a rocky place on the trip, but things gradually got a bit better. That is no more. No more pleasantries between the two. This show might only be big enough for one of these Queen Bees.

Eboni K. Williams Real Housewives Of New York

Heather Thomson returned to the Real Housewives of New York and entered the lion’s den. She had no idea what she was walking into. Leah McSweeney made it her mission to confront Heather for negative comments about the group in the press. It is quite courageous of Heather to even show up knowing she dragged most of the group. She managed to play it mostly cool at dinner, but it’s probably far from over.

Ramona Singer is suddenly so close to Heather which feels entirely out of left field. Given Leah’s rocky relationship with Ramona, this is going to do nothing but fuel the fire. There are two wannabe Queen Bee’s in the mix now, and only one can stand tall in the end. Will it be Leah or will it be Heather? It’s going to come down to who the group has more loyalty to. Technically we know what happens, but isn’t the fun in the journey?