Real Housewives of Potomac Season 1


After Ashley Darby’s husband Michael broke up the last night of their girls’ trip, lines have been drawn among the Real Housewives of Potomac ladies. Karen Huger threw the biggest most pointless fit of all, so it looks like she’ll be the one Ashley has to squash the beef with first. That is, until Karen sends her own protrusion-in-his-pants representative, hubby Raymond, to do her dirty work. 

But first, Gizelle Bryant is at the “Skincare Chemist” – whatever that might be! – to discuss starting a makeup line. She says being a light skinned black woman doesn’t mean she can’t address the skincare needs of all African American women. Natasha, the specialist, suggests offering at least seven shades. Gizelle is well versed in shade, and can throw seven of them together in her sleep. In order to launch the line, she will need to gather a focus group, develop a name (Caramel Cutie? Just Buy It?), and brand her product. Gizelle ponders the idea of using the ladies as her focus group. Yes! Let’s go ahead and release the seven shades of hell all over that.  



After Ashley Darby’s husband Michael arrived unexpectedly to his own beach house during a girls’ trip, Karen Huger took it upon herself to go on and on…and ON about the perceived etiquette breach. Karen claims it was Ashley’s reaction to the situation more than the situation itself which really ruffled her feathers, though. And which caused her to pop off in a quite un-polished moment!

The Real Housewives of Potomac star first comments on Gizelle Bryant’s decision to publicly confront Katie Rost about possible drug use. She scolds, “I believe that it was not the right setting for such personal/sensitive questions in front of the group. If I were Katie I would’ve stood my ground with Gizelle if I were being attacked.”


Robyn Dixon

Robyn Dixon is easily the most laid back housewife ever to grace the Bravo network! And her take on the latest drama to unfold on the Real Housewives of Potomac is as chill as her. Robyn does open up in her blog this week about the betrayal that caused her financial troubles, which changed her life forever. She also comments on Gizelle Bryant’s grilling of Katie Rost about drugs and her feelings about Ashley Darby’s hubby crashing their girls’ trip. Spoiler alert on each of these fronts: She’s taking it all in stride. 

Robyn begins with some background on her husband Juan’s friend, who basically stole their money right out from under them. Feeling compelled to share in Charrisse Jordan’s “Sister Circle,” she admits, “The pain and hurt that I felt in 2012 was beyond any other hurt that I have ever felt. And although the loss of money really created huge problems for us, it was the evil lies and deception that hurt the most. On top of the devastation from the loss of money and the loss of a friendship (he was even a groomsman in our wedding), I experienced the shock of my life when that same friend took his own life in order to avoid the consequences of his actions. This truly was the most difficult time of my life.” 



The youngest cast member of the Real Housewives of Potomac was put on blast this week by older (and grumpier!) counterparts, Karen Huger and Gizelle Bryant. Their beef? That Ashley Darby’s husband Michael “crashed” their girls’ party the very last night of their 4-day trip. But Ashley is not backing down, nor is she apologizing for Michael’s behavior. After all, she claims, it is her husband they’re talking about. And it was his house they were staying at.

Before getting into the end-of-trip nonsense, Ashley expresses her appreciation for Charrisse Jackson-Jordan’s “Sister Circle” idea, which provoked heartfelt sharing among some of the ladies. “The Sister Circle was a very fulfilling experience. It was a time for all of us to come together and be vulnerable with each other – something we as women are afraid to be at times. Karen shared her worry about her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease, Charrisse shed light on her marriage, and (though it wasn’t shown) I opened up about being a victim of sexual abuse. We were all there to support each other as strong African American women.” 



After defending herself against Gizelle Bryant’s drug accusations on this week’s Real Housewives of Potomac, Katie Rost wants to warn her castmate to watch her words. And her back? Because Katie is not playing anymore. She might be clinically insane, but she is not a drug addict, ya’ll!  

In her blog, Katie describes giving Gizelle a “taste of her own medicine” by casting rumors out there about Gizelle’s sex life. She explains, “The Sister Circle was about sharing, not about acting like 5-0 and treating me like a criminal. Obviously if I thought I needed to ‘share’ something, I would have. I had no issues to share and the issue she brought up was a made up issue. It wasn’t Gizelle’s place to drop rumors as if they are fact. I am a grown woman. She needs to watch her mouth. I simply gave her a taste of her own medicine the next morning. I repeated things I’ve been concerned about. Promiscuous behavior was something I thought perhaps she wanted to share, I only said it out of concern” Sure, Katie…suuuuuure. 



This week it seemed like Gizelle Bryant had it out for castmate and self-proclaimed socialite, Katie Rost. But when Katie confronted Gizelle about her shady interrogations, Gizelle uncharacteristically backed down. The Real Housewives of Potomac stars are not done with their beef yet, however, and have taken to their blogs to rehash the drama!

Gizelle first calls Katie out for playing turtle on their girls’ weekend at Ashley Darby’s beach house: i.e. hiding in her shell the whole time. She snarks, “Katie spent the majority of the time locked away in her room, or the bathroom or any corner away from the group. In order for me to be ‘mean’ to Katie I first would need to have an FBI investigation to find her.”



The ladies hit the beach last week on the Real Housewives of Potomac, and the air conditioning at Ashley Darby’s beach house wasn’t the only thing that broke down. But last night, the girls’ trip turned into a Plus One event when Ashley’s husband Michael decided to crash. And Karen Huger did not take too kindly to this etiquette breach! 

We pick up on the couches, where the ladies are sharing some personal issues with the group, at the prodding of Charrisse Jackson-Jordan. Robyn Dixon confesses that her husband Juan’s best friend took a lot of money from them in a ponzi scheme, which pretty much decimated their financial capital. Robyn cries, noting the trust issues she carries around now as a result of being betrayed. Ashley reflects on what a floating turd she now looks like for spreading gossip about Robyn’s bankruptcy in the past. 



The first ladies of Potomac drop their etiquette lessons for some twerking at the beach this week. But it’s not all surf lessons and margaritas for The Real Housewives of Potomac, as Ashley Darby takes some heat over her less-than-glamorous beach house accommodations. Since we’ve recently learned RHOP has indeed been renewed for another season (woohoo!), it will be interesting to see whether these ladies keep up the veneer (how ever thin it may be) of their “manners” and “etiquette” storylines, or whether they start showing us who they really are. Rumors of cast shakeups already abound!

Katie Rost is meeting Gizelle Bryant, Robyn Dixon, and Ashley out for lunch. Gizelle immediately fills Robyn in on Michael dropping his pants and trying to jump overboard at Karen Huger’s harbor party. Robyn’s like, “Meh.” She cannot be bothered. So conversation turns to the ladies upcoming getaway to Ashley’s beach house, in which she plans to accommodate 7 people in 5 bedrooms. Gizelle commands her to work it out, babe. Work.It.Out.