Kelly Bensimon return to RHONY?

Sometimes, life is a matter of perspective. Instead of being “stuck” at home because of the pandemic, it might feel better to view the situation as being “safe” at home instead.

Of course, what’s going on the world right now should not be minimized, not by any means. Nevertheless, a lot of people with “non-essential” jobs are at home. Some are homeschooling their children. Others have turned their living rooms into an office. Most of the people who are reading this have been watching a lot of reality TV shows- in the background, while fulfilling responsibilities, of course. Well, Bravo knows that fans are looking for premium programming. And, no, I’m not trying to re-watch an episode of a show that I just watched last week.

Jill Zarin Started Program To Feed Medical Workers In New York & Florida

Former Real Housewives of New York star Jill Zarin has weathered some monumental changes in the past couple of years. In January of 2018, Jill’s beloved husband, Bobby Zarin, died after a long battle with cancer. Bobby was a fan favorite on the show.

About six months after Bobby’s passing, Jill started dating Gary Brody. The duo bonded over their mutual love of tennis.

Sonja Morgan

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Sonja Morgan Real Housewives of New York city RHONY

Sonja Morgan is never one to hold back. The Real Housewives of New York star puts her whole life and all of her opinions out there. It’s just one reason I love Sonja so much and will never get tired of her. Oh, and the dancing on tables and falling off a chair. It’s as charming as it is messy. The first episode of RHONY this season was a little gloomy for Sonja with her daughter leaving for college and Sonja finding herself all alone. But I’m confident she will bounce back with some fun for us as the season goes on. And she did give us some of her typical Sonja shenanigans by insisting on biting into her sandwich mid-hug with Luann de Lesseps. That is the kind of content we need right now.

While Sonja and her kookiness usually take center stage, I also feel like Sonja has always been very nice and welcoming to new cast members. But one person she doesn’t seem to take to is newcomer, Leah McSweeney. Sonja seems to have some unfiltered opinions to share about her already.

Real Housewives Of New York’s Leah McSweeney’s Daughter Found Her Mugshot When Googling For A School Project

The Real Housewives of New York is finally back and there’s a new housewife on the block. Episode one jumped right in with the introduction of Leah McSweeney, RHONY’s newest cast member. I think we are all holding our breath this season, wondering if it’s going to be the same without OG Bethenney Frankel. But so far, I’m impressed with Leah’s willingness to jump right in.

The 37-year-old fashion brand owner (let’s face it, we can’t call her a fashion designer) jumped right in to defend Tinsley Mortimer during her fight with Dorinda Medley. She also told us she loves being single and completely shot down Sonja Morgan’s attempt at setting up a love connection with a young, attractive suitor at Dorinda’s party. Leah told the audience that he seems like the type of guy that erm, doesn’t know how to find a woman’s anatomy when it comes to sex. Tell us how you really feel, Leah. It’s clear from the first episode, along with a look ahead at the season, that Leah isn’t going to be shy or boring.

Luann de Lesseps Real Housewives of New York city RHONY

Real Housewives of New York is finally back and it started with a bang! It’s my favorite housewives franchise so I’m thrilled. One housewife I’m especially excited to follow this season is our ever-self absorbed cabaret queen, Luann de Lesseps. It’s obviously been a tough few years for her. First came her divorce from the Count, then the ill-fated marriage with Tom D’Agostino that dissolved as quickly as it started (maybe quicker). Then came her downward spiral with drinking, a wild arrest story, time in jail and the subsequent probation she had to serve.

Despite her newfound success and epic comeback as a cabaret star, the ladies of RHONY weren’t really feeling Luann as of late. They accused her of being selfish (true), narcissistic (also true), and insufferable (extra true). So it’s safe to say Luann hasn’t been having the best run on the last few seasons.

Real Housewives Of New York Leah McSweeney

The Real Housewives Of New York are back with a vengeance! Except for Bethenny Frankel. That B is outta the picture… Well, not entirely. The episode opens with the ladies reacting to the news that Bethenny has quit. For some this is a blessing; a ripping off of the bandaid to reveal fresh, chemical peeled skin. That would be fellow veterans Ramona Singer and Luann de Lesseps feelings.

For others who were in Bethenny’s Skinnygirl denim hip pocket, they’re sad to see her backside. That would be Sonja Morgan and Dorinda Medley. Sonja, who wants to hoard everything in her emotional basement of horrors – including toxic friendships, is mourning being abandoned.

So that’s that – end of an era until the next time Bethenny needs a career boost! Real talk though: Thank you Bethenny for donating during the coronavirus crisis. A + for B strong.

Real Housewives Of New York Season 12 Cast Tinsley Mortimer Dorinda Medley Luann de Lesseps Sonja Morgan Ramona Singer Leah McSweeney

Real Housewives of New York is finally back! Tonight, Season 12 begins and we are all so ready for this.

We get to “meet” the new Housewife Leah McSweeney. We also see Elyse Slaine, Ramona Singer’s friend, who didn’t get that full-time cast member slot.