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Kathy Hilton Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Kathy Hilton, and her wacky sense of humor, is the gift that keeps on giving on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kathy read a newspaper and drank Red Bull in the middle of the night while in bed with her sister, Kyle Richards.

She pulled off a legendary martini “bottoms up” prank that left RHOBH co-star Sutton Stracke feeling left out. It was epic.

Kyle Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is still beefing with former co-star Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa left the show after a falling out with former bestie, Kyle, and the rest of the RHOBH cast over “puppy-gate.”

Apparently, absence didn’t make the heart grow fonder. Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd, were out to dinner and saw Kyle dining with a producer on Lisa’s E! show, Overserved with Lisa Vanderpump. As a joke, Lisa sent her bill to their table. “When I left, I gave the server an imprint of my credit card and I said, ‘Take my bill, I’m leaving now, to that guy over there,’” Lisa stated. “If he doesn’t pay it here’s the imprint of my credit card.”

Crystal Minkoff Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

There was an opening in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast when Season 10 ended. After dealing with the Brandi Glanville hook-up drama, Denise Richards dipped out of the franchise in September of 2020. It wasn’t a surprise, given that the only RHOBH cast member who stood by her side was her friend, Garcelle Beauvais.

For Season 11, Sutton Stracke was promoted and given full-time status, along with her very own diamond. Kyle Richards’ sister, Kathy Hilton, signed on as a Friend of the Housewives. Kyle and Kathy have sometimes had a rocky relationship. Kathy was angry when Kyle’s husband, Mauricio Umansky, left her husband Rick Hilton’s real estate firm to start his own.

Taylor Armstrong

The premier of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 is just around the corner. Thanks to alleged fraudster Erika Chahoy Girardi Jayne, we actually might have a show on our hands. Erika joined the franchise in 2015, but this will be her first time with a storyline. Congrats, Erika! Sutton Stracke will finally hold a diamond and give fashion advice on pleated leather pants. We’ll also see two relatively new faces.

Crystal Kung Minkoff is coming on board and rumor has it,  she won’t be a wallflower. Because wallflowers wilt in Beverly Hills. Kathy Hilton is an enigma, wrapped in Valentino and actual cash. She’s also Kyle Richards’ older sister who doesn’t take any of Kyle’s shit. Recently RHOBH alum Taylor Armstrong spoke on Kathy’s new gig and hinted it might not be all puppies and bags of diamonds between Kath and Kyle this season.

Lisa Vanderpump

When Season 11 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills debuts on May 19, 2021 “OG” Kyle Richards will once again have a sister in the mix. That may not be the best news for Kyle.

In the past, Kyle’s sister, Kim Richards, held a diamond for five seasons on RHOBH. She struggled with alcoholism, and the relationship between the pair was often fragile. It was heartbreaking to watch. Kim even accused Kyle of stealing her house. After their parents died, Kim was expecting to inherit their Los Angeles home, but it went to Kyle instead.

Kyle Richards’ Husband Mauricio Umansky Expands The Agency To Washington D.C.

Did you know that Kyle Richards’ husband, Mauricio Umansky runs a real estate firm called The Agency? If not, I want to live under the rock you live under. If ever you do decide to come out from under that pile of sediment you’ll see how much Kyle loves wearing all kinds of Agency gear on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Mauricio and The Agency do very well. So well, Mauricio is part of the team that sold the historically epic Playboy Mansion for 100,000,000 dollars. How pissed do you think Rick Hilton was when he heard that news? While it’s not always diamonds and rose at The Agency, Mauricio is expanding his reach to the East Coast.

Kyle Richards Kathy Hilton

Kyle Richards has faced her fair share of challenges. Being an original member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast has it’s advantages and disadvantages. For many years, Kyle’s sister, Kim Richards was holding a diamond, along with her sibling. Unfortunately Kim’s past issues with substance abuse wound up being her downfall from the show, and consequently Kyle’s storyline went out the door with her.

Kyle has always had a curious relationship with her sisters. I’m not sure we will ever be privy to the sordid details surrounding Kim’s goddamned house, that may or may not have been stolen by Kyle. But let’s not forget Kathy Hilton. Kathy has not, will not, and doesn’t plan on taking any of Kyle’s crap. In previous RHOBH seasons, Kyle has almost seemed… intimidated by her older sissy. Now that the streets are saying Kathy might be coming on board, Kyle is shaking in her boots sharing her reaction to the possibility of having another relative join the crew.

Kathy Hilton

We’ve been here before, friends. That time of limbo after another season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has mercifully ended. Rumors begin to hum about what fantastic, wealthy female will throw her hat into the ring of fire. Since about 2015, Kathy Hilton’s name has been batted around as a possible Housewife. One thing we can probably all agree on is that this show needs a shake-up. Kathy actually passed on the shot to join the first season of RHOBH and suggested her sister, Kyle Richards instead. Thanks so much, Kathy!

RHOBH viewers already know Kathy is the half-sister Kyle and Kim Richards. Viewers also know Kathy and Kyle’s relationship has been a bit…touchy. If Kyle were to write down a list of her fears, sister Kathy would probably be on the top of that list. Right next to heights and Lisa Vanderpump’s swans. There are a lot of skeletons in that family closet and let me tell you, it’s a walk-in with several floors. So while many fans think the show doesn’t need another Richards/Hilton tie, Kathy might be the one person who can give the people what they want. This could get interesting.