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The early seasons of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were sometimes far from glamorous.They were sometimes dark. Taylor Armstrong was allegedly abused by her husband, Russell Armstrong. In July of 2011, Taylor filed for divorce. Tragically, Russell committed suicide in August of 2011.

In September of 2020, Taylor reflected on Camille Grammer revealing that she was a victim of domestic abuse. The RHOBH alum admitted that there was only one time that she considered quitting the franchise. “When Camille outed my abuse at Lisa Vanderpump’s tea party. I remember staring at one of the producers just dead in the eyes because I didn’t even have anything to say,” Taylor shared. “I knew in that moment that my life was about to change.”

Erika Girardi Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

All’s fair in love and war and no one knows that more than Real Housewives of Beverly Hills suspect star, Erika Chahoy Jayne Girardi. I still do not understand the concept of allowing people to film your actual life if you have anything shady in your closet. Secret husband locked in the basement? We’ll find out. Overdue Amex bill from 1996? We already know about it, honey. Also fair, Erika is being watched now that she Tom Girardi are under investigation for committing fraud and embezzlement.

After denying knowledge of Big Tommy’s alleged crimes, a special counsel has been appointed to transcribe every word EJ hisses during this RHOBH season. Attorneys are looking for evidence Erika is hiding assets under about 34 inches of hair. Prosecuting lawyers would like to thank Evolution for that long, slow glance at Erika’s diamond necklace during the premier. Erika also admitted taking antidepressants in the first episode and you know what that means… now her medical records are fair game in court.

Kelly Dodd Braunwyn Windham-Burke

We all know that Real Housewives of Orange County isn’t the show that it used to be, but Kelly Dodd and Braunwyn Windham-Burke are bringing a lot of drama. Sure, they’re also bringing some cringe (like when Braunwyn couldn’t use her own washing machine), annoyance, and fatigue to the audience, but in 2020, I guess I’ll take any TV content that I can get.

Aside from their own personal storylines, Kelly and Braunwyn are coming for each other. Over and over again. And the latest dig is a lot to unpack.

Taylor Armstrong Shares About Why She Went On Camera For RHOBH While In An Abusive Relationship

I know the women of the modern-day Real Housewives of Beverly Hills would have you think that “bringing children into it” is as dramatic as it gets. But do you remember how this franchise got started? Shit was dark. Camille Grammer literally outted Taylor Armstrong’s domestic abuse story to the world. Mostly because Taylor was putting all the other Housewives in a very sticky situation. Then, season 2 ended with Russell Armstrong’s suicide. It was…a lot.

Since that time, Taylor has been on Couple’s Therapy with her new man, been remarried, and still continues to share her opinions on the cast like 7 seasons later. Hey. She worked hard for that zip code, baby.

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills OG Taylor Armstrong Shades The Current Cast

Remember when Taylor Armstrong was on Season 1 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? One, or rather two, things were obvious: Taylor had enormously plump lips, and she loved her cocktails. Her marriage to Russell Armstrong was a big storyline on early seasons, as well as the extravagant parties that the duo threw for their beloved daughter, Kennedy Armstrong.

In a shocking turn of events, Russell died of an apparent suicide on August 16, 2011. Russell was dealing with legal issues, such as several lawsuits and bankruptcy. Less than a month earlier, Taylor had filed for divorce. She also alleged that Russell physically and mentally abused her. This was a disturbingly dark period in Housewives history.

Taylor Armstrong Says Daughter Kennedy Doesn’t Miss Her Late Dad Russell

Taylor Armstrong was one of the original Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Taylor instantly made a splash thanks to her oversized pout and over-the-top birthday parties for her daughter Kennedy Armstrong. Additionally, she was known for a dark storyline that involved a toxic marriage to Russell Armstrong that ended in his suicide and her own very public nervous breakdown.
One month before Russell killed himself in August 2011, Taylor filed for divorce, citing physical and verbal abuse. After Russell’s death, Taylor remarried John Bluher and started a new life in Colorado. She and John appeared on the show Couples Therapy together. Taylor has also appeared on RHOBH since her departure after season 3, and rumors swirl periodically that she will return as a full-time Housewife.  Recently Taylor has opened up about how Kennedy, now 12-years-old, is doing years later after the loss of her father.

Cedric Martinez & Lisa Vanderpump

Everybody remember Cedric Martinez? Lisa Vanderpump‘s Houseguest from season 1 of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills? If you don’t, here’s a brief recap: Cedric was like family, but then allegedly betrayed Ken Todd and Lisa by lying about his family background to use them for fame and fortune.

Since being blackballed it’s been a very rough few years for Cedric – he’s lost Lisa’s friendship, and many other friends, and gained a bad reputation, which he says was based on a lie. Cedric spoke with Kate Casey on her Reality Life podcast and opened up about the drama with Lisa, provided some illuminating tidbits about how Reality TV works, and shared what he’s up to now.

I may not agree with everything, but I think Cedric came across with humility and self-reflection. It’s interesting stuff. Below is his story:


Taylor Armstrong purple dress

So, Loony Lips back? Like as in like a Housewife back?! Since being fired from Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills because of her dark and twisted storyline that involved her husband Russell Armstrong‘s suicide and her own very public nervous breakdown, Taylor Armstrong has gotten remarried and started a whole new life… in Colorado. Now sources are saying she may return to the show that made her lips a household name. 

Taylor exited the show amid allegations that she fabricated stories of husband Russell’s abuse, such allegations that possibly led to his suicide. With Russell’s death emerged stories of the couple’s grifter past, including financial schemes and lawsuits, then Taylor began a well-publicized affair with John Bluher, who she has since married.