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Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Jen Shah

We’ve arrived at the final hour of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Season 1. The third and final act of a historic three-part reunion. And you guys. I’m not ready for it to be over! Like really, really not. It’s been inarguably the best debut season of a new Housewives franchise since Beverly Hills back in 2010. And I’m saying that as a huge fan and ardent defender of the Potomac’s first season. (My original Bravo claim to fame was being behind one of the very first viewer-submitted reunion questions in RHOP history.)

But these SLC ladies delivered in every single way imaginable. They brought something new and completely different to the table, and added a fresh and unique POV to the Housewives universe. RHOSLC reinvigorated the franchise as a whole while some long-running tentpole cities are starting to feel stale and, ahem, long in the tooth. And that’s not just my bias talking as a born-and-bred former Mormon/Utah native. So indulge me while I savor this last recap before closing the door on Season 1 in Salt Lake City. K?

Lisa Barlow Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City

Lisa Barlow is an interesting cast member on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. She is a boss and is always working on ways to grow her businesses. Lisa, who defines herself as “Mormon 2.0,” owns several alcohol brands with her husband, John Barlow. That fact alone is controversial in the Mormon Church.

Lisa and her best friend, (and doppelganger,) Meredith Marks always have each other’s backs. After RHOSLC co-star Jen Shah had a meltdown in Las Vegas, Lisa proclaimed that she didn’t think that she could be friends with Jen anymore. Since Jen had been gossiping about Meredith’s marriage to Seth Marks, Meredith was good with that decision.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City finale Heather Gay Jen Shah

Can you believe it’s time for the finale of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City? For the past 12 weeks, we’ve been #blessed as Bravo has brought us into the misunderstood world of Utah society and introduced us to the six stunning Housewives at its core. We got feuds about hospital smell and being a BYU good time girl. There was Sundance, fashion shows and Brooks Marks tracksuits. Mary Cosby spent five full episodes FaceTiming people from her closet. And the cast trip to Vegas brought all the conflict surrounding Jen Shah to an explosive, unforgettable head.

And now, the (supersized) season finale kicks off with all the ‘Wives back in Salt Lake City. Haunted by the memories of what they said and did in the city of sin. (Seriously, the montage of echoing flashbacks was both hilarious and startlingly effective…) Heather Gay is busy prepping for her grand re-opening of Beauty Lab + Laser. And learning the definition of the word “stanchions” along with the rest of us. Meredith Marks is showing off her culinary prowess by cutting up bananas for Seth Marks. And Lisa Barlow has had a change of heart because she’s invited Jen for a drink.

Heather Gay Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City fan favorite Heather Gay is many things. She is an entrepreneur who owns Beauty Lab & Laser, a successful med spa. She is divorced from “Mormon royalty,” Billy Gay III. RHOSLC co-star Lisa Barlow accused Heather of marrying for the lifestyle and money. Not cool, Lisa.

Divorce is frowned upon in the Mormon Church, however, Heather has been trying to navigate her own way. In an emotional episode of RHOSLC, Heather talked about her feelings of shame and guilt with her three daughters. She feels judged, and not able to live her life the way that she would like to. Heather may not be interested in love, but she’s still interested in sex.

Meredith Marks

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has definitely edged it way up to the top of my franchise list. While it hasn’t even wrapped it’s first season, I am finding myself in love. The vibe is different, the scenery is nice and well, the housewives are anything but boring. We have had more catfights than I know what to do with, mostly involving Jen Shah.

One such fight was on the latest episode, where we saw Jen being accused of spreading rumors about the state of Meredith Marks’ marriage. It’s true that Meredith was separated from her husband, Seth Marks, at the time. But only bestie/castmate Lisa Barlow was privy to that information. But Jen just couldn’t help but speculate and that didn’t bode well for Meredith and the rest of the women. Meredith admitted that her marriage did reconcile, but seems like it was helped along by the most unlikely of circumstances.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Meredith Marks Lisa Barlow

Is it just me or did the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City just deliver one of the best first-season episodes in Housewives history? From start to finish, it was a masterclass in interpersonal conflict, shifting loyalties and cast dynamics. There were lies revealed, rumors confronted and trust broken. There was even a hypnotist! Probably the strongest episode of an already-great season. And that’s saying a lot.

The latest Real Housewives of Salt Lake City episode kicks off in the wake of last week’s race car peace summit with the ladies getting ready for dinner. Whitney Rose shows up at Heather Gay‘s room to fill her in on everything she missed. She’s feeling great about making up with Lisa Barlow and Meredith Marks. Now everyone can finally have a fun night together! Poor, poor Whitney. She has no idea the tornado of crazy that’s about to come her way.

Meredith Marks Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is giving us their all in their freshmen season. And no one has gone over the top more than Jen Shah. She’s got a penchant for throwing glasses (and tantrums). So Jen is definitely a stand out of the show. Maybe not for the right reasons but at least she is entertaining?

Trouble has been brewing for Jen from the start of the season. Jen came out of the gate fighting with castmate Mary Cosby over the infamous hospital smell issue. Things got worse when Whitney Rose decided to tell Jen that Meredith Marks and Lisa Barlow were scared of her. All at her husband’s birthday party, which really set Jen off. Jen ended the night by throwing a glass and storming off. It didn’t end there though. Whitney and friend Heather Gay tried to work it out with her at the hot springs. But Jen seemed less than willing to move on.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Jen Shah

While Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has given us many interesting personalities, Jen Shah is the most extra of the bunch. Jen lives in the Shah chalet, wields a bedazzled microphone, and roller-skates in her house. RHOSLC co-star Whitney Rose made the mistake of interrupting Jen at the surprise birthday party that she had planned for her husband, Sharrieff Shah.

Whitney has impeccable timing, so she told Jen that Mary Cosby said that Meredith Marks and Lisa Barlow were afraid of Jen. Jen handled the situation with grace and dignity. Who am I kidding? Jen flipped out, threw a glass, and exited the party early.