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While Tamra Judge has always been a polarizing figure since her entrance onto the Real Housewives of Orange County, she’s damn good at being entertaining. And unlike some other ladies in the Real Housewives universe, she has always been open about her private life on screen. I still get chills thinking about her asking Simon Barney for a divorce in a limo in front of the cameras. And one of the best RHOC moments of all time was her wine throw at Jeana Keough. She was honest about her parenting struggles and the reality of how divorce can tear apart a family. And she’s literally exposed her naked body on TV more than anyone, so she really doesn’t hold back.

There’s been a lot of buzz about whether or not Tammy Sue will return to RHOC. Her fabulous better-half Heather Dubrow is coming back to save the series, and I secretly hope Tamra is by her side. She’s just sooooo good at stirring the pot, and her departure is part of the reason why the series fell apart last year. Her contentious relationship with Vicki Gunvalson was central to the show. And Shannon Beador hasn’t been interesting since the tres amigas broke up for good, so she needs Tamra back to give her a storyline. 

Tamra Judge

Love her or hate her, Tamra Judge created a legacy throughout her time on the Real Housewives of Orange County. She was always down to whoop it up alongside Vicki Gunvalson, get naked wasted in a hot tub and, when necessary, throw a glass of wine in someone’s face. We’ve watched her go through a divorce, strained relationships with her children, a new marriage and plenty of physical transformations throughout her years on the show. And I’m not even talking about her bodybuilding phase.

There’s been plenty of RHOC buzz lately since Bravo finally listened to the fans and fired Braunwyn Windham-Burke and Kelly Dodd (Hallelujah). Heather Dubrow is on her way back to make RHOC fancy again, and there have been rumblings about whether or not her buddy Tammy Sue will be returning as well. We know both Tamra and Vicki would likely do anything for a comeback at this point. And after last year’s trainwreck of a season, fans are coming back with their tail between their legs asking for a comeback. But this time, it seems unlikely that a tres amigas reconciliation would occur considering both of their non-existent relationships with Shannon Beador. 

Porsha Williams Real Housewives Of Atlanta RHOA

Ever since the Real Housewives of Atlanta wrapped up Season 13, Porsha Williams has caused quite a stir on the internet. Her engagement to Simon Guobadia after one month of dating has received many mixed reactions from fans and Bravolebrities alike. Simon is the ex-husband of Porsha’s one-time friend Falynn Guobadia, who she brought on the show as part of her crew of friend-ofs. Simon gave Porsha a MASSIVE diamond ring and while some people are happy she’s found love again, others have plenty of questions. Like, how long has this relationship been going on, for real? Are Simon and Falynn even officially divorced? Has somebody in this love triangle been unfaithful? What has been going on in the group text between Marlo Hampton and NeNe Leakes?

Porsha’s in her own world planning three weddings and prepping for her own Bravo spinoff. And cutting people out of her life who are on the next train to haterville, so Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey. Word on the street is we can blame sidekick Shamea Morton for this whole mess in the first place. Meanwhile, Porsha’s been riding the media wave because we know she’ll never back down from taking center stage, even if she’s receiving hate.

Jeana Keough Tamra Judge Real Housewives Of Orange County RHOC

It’s been 11 years since Simon Barney filed for divorce from Tamra Judge. While Real Housewives of Orange County fans have watched their way through countless divorces, this one is still on top in the record books. Largely because it was the first messy divorce to play out on the Housewife screen. Who can forget Tamra infamously screaming “I want a divorce!” in the back of a limo while sporting a bump-it lewk. Or the scenes of Simon trying to police what she wore out of the house. These two were a mess.

Tamra certainly learned the hard way that going through a divorce with a national audience is no walk in the park. Her innocent children were really put through it too. With all eyes watching, it seemed only fair that Tamra’s co-stars and on-screen friends got to add their two-cents as well….

Tamra Judge Real Housewives Of Orange County Shannon Beador

Tamra Judge may have quit the Real Housewives of Orange County, but she just can’t quit the drama. Tamra left the show after she was offered a limited 3-episode deal. Vicki Gunvalson, who was offered another Friend of the Housewives contract, preceded Tamra out the door.

Since then, Tamra and Vicki have stayed out of the RHOC drama. Just kidding! They unfollowed their fellow Tres Amigas Shannon Beador on social media after Shannon made amends with co-star Kelly Dodd.

Tamra Judge Real Housewives Of Orange County

It’s a scary world right now thanks to the Coronavirus outbreak. No one knows how long schools and businesses will be closed and how long many of us will be in self-quarantine. The Coronavirus is especially dangerous for people who already have compromised immune systems from other conditions.

Real Housewives of Orange County alum Tamra Judge recently expressed concerns over her ex-husband Simon Barney, who went public with his cancer diagnosis last month. I don’t know why Tamra decided to do press about her ex-husband, who is a private person, and his health concerns. It’s not as if she has a reality TV show to promote. But, then again, there’s Cut Fitness, which she was promoting earlier this week, despite most gyms across the country closing because of Coronavirus concerns.

John Janssen Shannon Beador Kelly Dodd Rick Leventhal

It was no secret that Bravo was planning to spice things up on Real Housewives of Orange County. Vicki Gunvalson was demoted to a part-time role on Season 14, and ultimately was supposedly fired chose to leave the show when she didn’t regain her full-time status.

But she wasn’t the only long-time RHOC cast member to jump ship. One day after Vicki’s announcement, Tamra Judge told the world that she was ditching the show. Tamra decided not to accept the paltry 3 episode deal she was offered to tie up her storyline. Wait–Tamra had a storyline?

Andy Cohen Confirms Tamra Judge Is Returning To Real Housewives Of Orange County

It’s no secret that Real Housewives of Orange County is undergoing a facelift (pun intended) for Season 15. Vicki Gunvalson, who had been with the show since day one, was demoted for Season 14.

When Vicki wasn’t offered an orange for Season 15, she walked. But she wasn’t the only RHOC star that was given a demotion and decided to leave.