Sister Wives Tell All

Sister Wives Tell-All Recap: Just Friends

Could y’all believe Kody Brown’s shocking announcement during last night’s Sister Wives? Ten more seasons with eighteen two hour episodes in each! Woohoo! April Fool’s! 🙂 In the hard-hitting final installment of what has been reported to be the final season, Andrea Canning tackles all the tough questions. First up…is Tony an official Brown? If talking down to his wife Mykelti and wanting a 4,000 taco party for any occasion makes one a Brown, Tony’s about to knock Kody right off his throne! Christine is adamant that Tony is a Brown. Andrea probes deeper, asking, “But what actually does he bring to your family?” Her questions reflect what the people really want to know! Christine exclaims he brings the excitement and pizzazz. Kody seconds that Tony has that million dollar personality. The tell-all spends all of a minute to recap half the season with Mykelti and Tony’s wedding. Andrea wonders if there was a concern about Mykleti’s maturity level in getting married. Of course! Christine pipes in to assure the masses that the kids adhered to the Brown’s projected budget…although that isn’t how it appeared to play out during the first eighteen hours of this season. The couple stuck to the money plans. Why else would Mykleti have made all of those fabric flowers. Saving money, folks!

Kody then avoids the hot seat by discussing how he balances his separate personal lives with each wife. When a fifth wife is proposed, Christine isn’t feeling it. Janelle is fine with it because we all know she’s already got one foot out the door. Robyn wants to say no, but she recognizes that love multiplies, it doesn’t divide. Meri doesn’t see it happening, but why are they asking her in the first place? Are they pretending she gets a vote?

Sister Wives Tell All Recap: The Mighty Man Bun

Y’all! It’s a Sister Wives miracle! The first half of last night’s tell-all was only one hour long! And most of that hour was video recaps and commercials. I’m almost sad we didn’t get more time with Kody Brown and his new ‘do. Almost. What a difference a year makes when the family convenes to rehash the longest season known to man. Meri seems happier. Robyn cries, but she doesn’t talk as much. Christine revels in her new role as the family bad ass while Janelle is just glad to be a grandmother.

Andrea Canning is hosting the debacle, and she immediately compliments Kody’s man bun. He’s even shaved the sides and glued them to his chin. A quick poll shows that everyone but Meri is on board with the man bun. Andrea dives in with Meri’s desire to buy her family home to start a bed-and-breakfast/house her mother in her twilight years. Meri insists to Andrea that she was only sharing her idea with the family because she’d been chastised for withdrawing during her catfish situation. Looking back, Meri recognizes that she didn’t frame it as such, saying she could have been better about expressing her thoughts. The discussions segues into the lack of intimacy in Meri and Kody’s relationship. Kody is fine with the status quo, but Meri wants more. Robyn interrupts, accusing Kody of saying stupid things.