Tanner Sterbeck

Captain Lee Rosbach Names His MVP For Season 7

The crew of Below Deck Season 7 was a disharmonious bunch by the end of it all.  The bickering within the deck crew caused strife on every single night out.  Seriously, have we ever seen a season where the cast splits down gender lines to the point where boat-mances fizzle out and no one is trying to hook up?  Everyone except Tanner Sterbeck, of course. He’s just so oblivious to the mood on board, he’ll keep approaching Chief Stew Kate Chastain for a sex date.

Miraculously, the toxic environment did not affect the quality of work on board too much.  Though Kate was often at odds with Chef Kevin Dobson, and Bosun Ashton Pienaar, they maintained their professionalism and their departments rather well considering.  Valor was not completely void of people who couldn’t push the drama aside during charter.

Captain Lee Rosbach Below Deck

How sloppy could it get last episode on Below Deck?  There was some sort of built up resentment towards Chief Stew Kate Chastain.  Yes, she keeps the entire crew waiting for her on their off time. And, yes, Kate uses rank to explain her tardiness, but it’s not as if she lounged solo to be elitist.  The girl just wanted some down time.

Brian de Saint Pern was out of step with the group for a while as he nursed an infected knee.  He emerged healed and anxious to police the “relationship” of Simone Mashile and Tanner Sterback.  Brian also picked up on the group’s tension towards Kate and Kevin Dobson was happy to encourage feelings of resentment towards Kate.  This all led up to the explosive situation between Brian and Kate in the taxi.  Then a stack of freshly laundered and pressed pants end up on the floor.  How did we get here?