Teen Mom Amber Update

RadarOnline and UsWeekly are both reporting that Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has now been awarded back custody of her daughter just a week after the 2-year-old was made a ward of the state, following domestic abuse charges.

According to UsWeekly, Amber welcomed her daughter Leah back into her home on Monday. “Leah is moving into Amber’s new home, where Amber had her daughter’s bedroom all set up for her return,” a source tells UsWeekly. “Amber is so excited to have Leah back!”

Just last week, Amber and her ex-fiance Gary Shirley appeared in an Anderson, Indiana, courtroom for an emergency child placement hearing concerning their daughter. The ruling back then was that Gary get temporary custody with Amber getting supervised visitation.

But according to RadarOnline, that all changed yesterday when the Child Protection Services visited her home for what was supposed to be a monitored visitation and ultimately decided the changes in Amber’s new home, which included a new bed for baby Leah, were more than suitable for Leah.

“Originally Amber was supposed to have a monitored visit today with Leah, but when CPS saw the change in her apartment they decided it met Leah’s needs,” a source told Radar. “CPS will continue to monitor Amber a few times a week and check in with her to make sure it’s going well, but as of now, Leah is back in her care.”

RadarOnline adds that it is unclear if Amber’s parental rights have been reinstated. A source adds that Gary was very upset about the decision. “He really loves Leah and was so excited to have her when the court placed her in his care,” said the source.

Amber is still facing charges of domestic violence, and if found guilty, she could face up to three years in jail and fines up to $10,000.

Even more bad news for Teen Mom star Amber Portwood.

Exactly a week after she was officially charged with with two felony counts of domestic battery and one misdemeanor stemming from her violent attacks on ex-fiance Gary Shirley, RadarOnline is now reporting that Amber & Gary’s baby “Leah is a ward of the state.”

The ruling came after Amber, 20, and Gary, 24, were summoned to appear in an Anderson, Indiana courtroom on Tuesday afternoon for an emergency child placement hearing concerning their two-year-old.

So what exactly does a ward of the state mean? According to Radar, this means the Department of Child Services is now officially assessing Leah’s living situation. A ward of the state is an adult or child whose guardianship is determined by a judge who appoints a government agency to oversee the ward of the state’s affairs.

The good news for Amber & Gary is that though Leah is a ward of the state, she is still allowed to live with Gary. As reported days ago, Leah has handed over custody of Leah to Gary for the time being.

Radar adds that Amber visited Leah at Gary’s apartment following the court hearing and the Indiana Department of Child Services supervised the visit.

As for what happens next, the DCS will continue to monitor Amber’s progress and also determine if Gary’s home is suitable for Leah to remain in permanently. DCS has also placed a six-month monitoring period on Amber.


It seems Teen Mom star Amber Portwood isn’t waiting to lose custody of her 2-year-old daughter as a new report by Life & Style magazine states Amber has handed over custody of Leah to her ex-fiance.

According to the report, Amber, 20, is now allowing daughter Leah, who recently turned 2, to stay with her father Gary Shirley. The reason? Amber is feeling too overwhelmed to handle day-to-day care of Leah especially now that she has been officially charged with two felony counts of domestic battery and one misdemeanor stemming from her violent attacks on Gary.

She is facing up to 3 years in jail plus a $10,000 fine.

The mag however adds that Amber continues to self destruct with her out of control behavior. “Amber’s not in any rush to get Leah back,” an insider close to her reveals. “Amber’s dating all these guys, she has all this fame, she has all this attention. That’s what she wants. She wants to party. She’s not a very good mother right now.”


A second insider adds that her appearance on MTV’s Teen Mom in addition to the popularity the show has received, might be to blame for the path her life has taken. “If she had said no to the show, none of this would be happening.”

And finally, the HollywoodLife is reporting today that both Amber and Gary have suspended licenses. According to the HollywoodLlife, Amber’s license is suspended until she pays a $150 fine. While a source close to Gary tells RadarOnline “he had a ticket for a seatbelt violation and then he was pulled over and the police told him he had a suspended license.”

Poor poor baby Leah.


We reported two days ago that Indiana cops have officially charged Amber Portwood, star of Teen Mom, with domestic violence and battery.

The exact charges for the 20-year-old MTV reality star includes two felony counts and one misdemeanor. The cops reveal the reason for the serious felony charges is because Amber’s daughter Leah was present during two of the domestic violence incidents against her ex-fiance Gary Shirley.

Well the HollywoodLife is now reporting that they spoke to Amber just hours following the news that she was being charged, and get this, she is completely denying the felony charges. Why? According to Amber, she “didn’t hit Gary in front of Leah so there are no felony charges.” It seems someone failed to inform Amber that MTV handed the cops a ton of unedited footage of she and Gary following a subpoena. The cops have stated that the uncut footage proves baby Leah was indeed present during two abuse incidents.

Amber added, “None of this is true, there’s nothing against me. They can’t charge me if they don’t have proof.” The HollywoodLife also adds that if Amber is arrested, which she likely will be, Gary would be the next in line to get custody of their daughter.

If convicted, Amber faces three years in jail and up to $10,000 in fines!

And even more bad news for Amber. Just days after photos of her doing some good ol underage drinking hit the web, TMZ has also obtained and posted a video on their site which clearly shows Amber inebriated. In the video, Amber can be seen singing off key while also saying to the camera, “I’m drunk” then moments later saying, “Possibly drunk.” That footage is below –


It was only a matter of time. The HollywoodLife is reporting today that Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has now been officially charged with domestic violence.

According to the HollywoodLife, Amber, 20, was officially charged Nov. 18 with two felony counts and one misdemeanor for domestic violence and battery. The serious charges are a result of an Indiana law which states that an incident of domestic violence is considered a felony if a child is present for the abuse, and according to the cops, baby Leah was present in two cases.

This doesn’t come as a surprise as we reported just a week ago that the Anderson, Ind. cops had subpoenaed MTV for the unedited footage of the fights involving Amber and her ex-fiance Gary Shirley. Apparently, the uncut footage was even worse than what was shown on TV. According to the cops, the uncut footage clearly showed baby Leah was present for two of their biggest abuse incidents.

The police documents show that Amber choked, slapped, punched and kicked Gary, 24, in their home. A warrent will reportedly be issued soon for Amber. If convicted, she faces up to three years in jail and fines of up to $10,000.

And the bad news doesn’t end there for Amber. The latest issue of Life & Style magazine shows photos of the 20-year-old engaging in some underage drinking.

The photos show Amber with a bottle of vodka, while she reportedly told partygoers that she was also taking prescription pills suspected to be Klonopin. “She said she needs to watch how much she drinks because she’s on something,” said a source.

A photo of Amber drinking below –


More bad news for Teen Mom star Amber Portwood.

TMZ is reporting the Anderson, Indiana Police Department is now reviewing the unedited footage of the Teen Mom episode which showed Amber hitting and kicking her ex-fiance Gary Shirley multiple times.

MTV turned the tapes over to the cops on Tuesday after receiving a subpoena for any evidence of domestic violence from the police department.

As previously reported, Amber could face felony domestic violence charges if it’s determined daughter Leah witnessed the altercation.

In other Amber news, RadarOnline has now obtained the audio of the 911 call Amber made to cops following her recent domestic dispute with Gary which took place in the early morning hours of October 20.

The transcript reveals that Amber, 20, told 911 operators that Gary, 23, pushed her out of their home while she was in her underwear and she even tells the 911 operator about her current investigation for domestic violence.

She said, “I’m Amber Portland. There is actually an investigation on me for battery from about six months ago because I’m the Amber Portland on Teen Moms but I need someone out here because he pushed me outside in my underwear and I don’t know what’s going on to be honest with you.”

According to Radar, the police report from that night reveals that Gary wasn’t arrested because the responding officer “saw no redness on her left arm where she advised Gary grabbed her”.


Things continue to look dim for Teen Mom star Amber Portwood.

Following the news that she was being investigated by her local Police department for domestic violence against her ex-fiance Gary Shirley, a new report by the HollywoodLife states Amber could be facing felony charges. The reason? In Indiana, domestic violence in front of a child under 14 years of age can be a felony.

Amber will also be investigated by the Department of Child Services (DCS), who will reportedly interview her friends, neighbors, and other witnesses.

And it gets even worse for Amber as a new report by Life&Style magazine states Amber is not welcome in her hometown due to her behavior on the show, which includes physically attacking her child’s father Gary. The two have since reconciled and even exchanged promise rings.

Apparently, local businesses and residents in Anderson, Indiana are fed up with Amber’s antics. The owner of a local store has even gone as far as to ban Amber from filming any more scenes of the MTV hit show on its premises. “My stomach actually rolled while watching ‘Teen Mom,'” Randy Good, owner of Good’s Candy Store, told Life&Style. “Amber was filmed in the store, but now she’s gone — for good. I thought it was just awful, and because she’s local, it somehow made it worse.”

Amber has also received a lot of backlash from her local press.

And finally, despite reports that Maci Bookout was trying to get back together with her son’s father Ryan Edwards, it seems Maci is still going strong with new beau Kyle King.

The two were photographed showing PDA at a pumpkin patch in L.A. Monday. Maci has also denied the report that she is trying to get back together with her ex Ryan. A photo of Maci and Kyle below –