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Dorinda Medley Feels Ramona Singer Has Been “Insensitive” After Break-Up With John Mahdessian

Well, Season 12 of Real Housewives of New York might have lost Bethenny Frankel, but anything alcoholic is now officially part of the cast. At the conclusion of these episodes, I always feel a slight desire to consult Betty Ford and begin a green juice cleanse. On the bright side, Leah McSweeney has filled any remaining gaps in Bethenny’s legacy, though viewers probably miss the repetitive product placement they were subjected to for years, #skinnygirlbybravo.

While the ladies navigate brief periods of being sober, some have experienced life changes. Dorinda Medley has been struggling under the pressure of ending her relationship with longtime boyfriend, John Mahdessian. What’s more, she has found herself triggered by memories of late husband, Richard. One would think Dorinda’s tribe of girlfriends would lend support during her time of need, but according to Dorinda, that has not been the case. In fact, Dorinda feels one friend in particular has been especially insensitive. Gosh, I wonder who it could be?

Real Housewives Of New York Dorinda Medley

This show … I just can’t get enough of Real Housewives Of New York! From Leah McSweeney instructing Tinsley Mortimer to go gangster – or “Cardi Llama” on Dorinda Medley; to Ramona Singer‘s condom situations, to the Russian baths with ginger vodka and Luann de Lesseps bush coming back to haunt her. RHONY is the glimmer of unstoppable hope for Real Housewives everywhere. May you never change, no matter how far you stray uptown.

So on that note, Leah, Luann, and Tinsley are all sick after their day at the orchards. Well, I think we know where Coronavirus started! The Countesses’ cough. This is an unlikely trifecta for a brunch date, Luann is a surprisingly good foible for Leah and Tinsley. Also Luann looks phenomenal. She is literally aging backwards as she struts up to the table like someone told her the sidewalk was a cabaret stage. All the world’s a stage, darlings!

Tinsley is late, and when she arrives, she is distraught. Is Tinsley every any other way? Dale Mercer clearly didn’t warn Tinsley that her face would freeze this way, because it has.

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Dorinda Medley Tinsley Mortimer RHONY Real Housewives Of New York

This one-sided feud between Dorinda Medley and Tinsley Mortimer is making it very tough to watch Real Housewives of New York this season. She really has it out for Tinsley. And, ironically enough, instead of making Tinsley look bad, she just makes herself look bad. On top of that, it just gets worse week after week.

If you thought Dorinda learned something after watching these episodes, think again. That is not the case. The shade just won’t stop. Yes, Tinsley is pretty guarded for a reality TV star. However, that’s a way better alternative than being a reality TV star who verbally attacks her co-stars during every single episode. Sorry, girl, Tinsley is winning this feud. She’s not even fighting back and Dorinda is still going in on the future Mrs. Kluth.

Leah McSweeney Defends Her Controversial Statements Against The #MeToo Movement She Made Prior To Joining Real Housewives Of New York

Leah McSweeney has already made quite the splash as a freshman housewife on Real Housewives of New York. She was introduced to us as a friend of Tinsley Mortimer but Leah has made plenty of her own friends. Despite a rough start, Leah has bonded with Dorinda Medley. According to Leah in the latest episode, she “keeps it real”. Luann de Lesseps dropped the Countess act and showed up at Leah’s apartment with food when she was under the weather. Leah claimed kindred spirits with Lu due to their past with drinking and I can actually see that. Even the notoriously bristly Ramona Singer has seemed to take a shine to Leah. Go figure.So it looks like the cast is really taking to Leah’s approachable yet outspoken persona.

But Leah doesn’t just speak her mind when she’s on RHONY. She hosts her own podcast, Improper Etiquette, and was a contributing columnist for Penthouse magazine. We previously reported that Leah has made some controversial statements in the past. But instead of an apology tour, Leah is defending herself and what she said.

Real Housewives Of New York Sonja Morgan Tinsley Mortimer

According to Ramona Singer all the ladies on Real Housewives Of New York are going through a transition, and have found themselves single. Which is true. Before Dorinda Medley dumped John Mahdessian, she was the only woman on this show in a relationship. Unless you count Tinsley Mortimer dating “Bruce.”

Who does Tinsley think she’s fooling? Bruce was a made-up man to shut Dale Mercer up and hopefully make Scott Kluth jealous.

Anyway, it’s fall in New York and the weather is wonderful so all the ladies are meeting outside in various parks to take walks and gossip. If this were a RomCom they’d keep bumping into each other on random benches and eventually fall in love. But this is Real Housewives, so if they ran into each other on random benches they’d actually just find the other person talking shit about them to their other friends, then they’d fall into hate.

Real Housewives Of New York Sonja Morgan

For the most part, Leah McSweeney has been welcomed by the Real Housewives of New York stars. However, she did feel like Sonja Morgan set her up when she sent her a matching grey sweats set to wear to her fashion show. All of the other ladies got sequined gowns and cocktail dresses. Meanwhile, she wanted Leah to dress like she was running out to the corner store to grab a gallon of milk. Sure, athleisure is really in and Leah has uttered the word “streetwear” more times than I can count, but there was definitely a difference between the outfit Leah got and the looks the other ladies got to wear.

Was Sonja being shady on purpose? Or did she just not think that far ahead. Leah thinks it was shady, but admitted that it’s hard to stay mad at Sonja. She’s probably right about that, but a little fun shade is OK. The women have done way worse on this show than giving someone a free sweats set.

Tinsley Mortimer Plans To Invite These 2 Real Housewives Of New York To Her Wedding

While the Real Housewives of New York ladies have embraced Leah McSweeney with open arms, it seems like Tinsley Mortimer is going through the longest new member hazing of all time. Dorinda Medley has been calling her out all season. Ramona Singer made her bring dishes inside after lunch in the Hamptons. None of the veteran Housewives seem to have Tinsley’s back.

With that said, I wouldn’t invite those women to my wedding if I were Tinsley. Then, again, if she does somehow manage to stay on the show after moving to Chicago with Scott Kluth, she would probably film the wedding; i.e. she’d probably be forced to include some people she’s not so fond of.