I have to say that mob life as I always pictured isn’t quite as mob-esque as what I gather from VH1.  Let me break it down for you…today’s Mob Wives‘ news revolves around a rap video and contract dispute.  Not very Tony Soprano if you ask me.

It seems that Mob Wives Chicago stars Nora Schweihs and Renee Fecarotta Russo have a lot to learn about the entertainment industry.  According to the Chicago Sun-Times, both are being sued by their manager Nick Celozzi, Jr.  He claims that he entered into management contracts with both women, and his talent company was able to land them a place at the Mob Wives Chicago casting call.  According to the two year contracts which were signed in December, both women agreed to pay him fifteen percent per episode of their VH1 paycheck.  With the women scoring $6,000 per show, Nick is entitled to $900 per show from each woman.


According to Nick, Nora has paid $500 and Renee has paid $900 to date.  However, he wants to recover the $9000 he is owed from each “lady” from the season plus legal costs.  While the contracts contain an arbitration clause with a  New York venue, due to the small amount of damages, the parties hope to settle it locally.  His attorney tells the site, “I do believe a lot of people who are new to this business … when they realize that there’s a lot of costs to being involved in this type of industry, they change their minds about what decisions they wanted to have made several months prior.”

From contract breakdowns to rap video meltdowns, the original Mob Wives’ Karen Gravano causes a scene on the set of a recent music video.  Vibe.com reports that Tony Testa, a rapper who has ties to the mob, almost bailed on the video for cohort Manio’s “Mobbin'” video when he learned that Karen would be featured in the video.

He explains, “My Uncle Joey would go crazy if he found out I was in a video with Gravano’s daughter.”  He told both Manio and producer Picture Perfect (I so want that to be my name) that his uncle wouldn’t want him filming with the daughter of a “snitch.”

“Besides, her father is a snitch while my uncle is serving time because he didn’t snitch,” Testa says. “I don’t want to have anything to do with her or her family.”  Karen was reportedly escorted off set and was not in any scenes with the rapper.  Ramona Rizzo was also featured in the video.  Sounds like a couple of Drita D’Avanzo’s haters are taking a page right out of her playbook!



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