“Innnnnn West Philadelphia, born and raised, with the Mob Wives is how I spent most of my days…”  Wait what?  Mob Wives…Philadelphia?  Isn’t enough, enough?  Unless Will Smith wants to be a part of this new franchise, I think I’m done with any and all things mob related…at least where reality TV is concerned.  I may be out of luck as the New York Daily News is reporting that Alicia DiMichele of South Jersey has been approached about starring in a Mob Wives spin-off set in Philadelphia.

Alicia is married to gangster Edward Graofalo who has ties to the Colombo crime family.  She even has a federal conviction herself.  Legit!  She lives fifteen minutes outside of downtown Philly, raising the couple’s three kids while her husband serves his time in federal prison.  Her lawyer reveals,“Alicia DiMichele has been contacted by a number of media outlets. She is focused on taking care of her children and keeping her family together.”


It seems Alicia also has ties to the original Mob Wives.  Her father-in-law was allegedly murdered by members of Karen Gravano’s fathers group under the direction of John Gotti.

Mafia expert Jerry Capeci of ganglandnews.com says,“All men, including gangsters, know that women have a way of doing what they want to do,” when explaining how the women can go on these shows to discuss what has always been such a secret way of life.

Currently Alicia is facing six months of prison time or house arrest for embezzlement, while her husband is serving time for extortion.  She manages a boutique in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and while soft-spoken in court, she definitely has the mouth of a Mob Wife.  She recently posted on Facebook, “Don’t worry about what the f— I’m doing. Worry about your own damn self.”

There you go, VH1!  Keep on rewarding bad behavior!


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