Steven Tyler

And now the real reasons come out regarding exiting American Idol judges.  While Steven Tyler allegedly wasn’t asked back for next season, he’s not at all upset.  In fact, Steven calls the show not his “cup of tea.”

Not that I’m surprised, but Steven has said that the show was basically just a paycheck that held him over while negotiating through the drama his Aerosmith band mates.   Who knew American Idol could serve as just an interim distraction while he got his band back together?!


Access Hollywood breaks down the rocker’s interview with Rolling Stone magazine.  After admitting that he had a love-hate relationship with the show, Steven did enjoy taking home the AI paycheck.  He touts getting to sit next to another ousted judge Jennifer Lopez and his massive paycheck as his reasons for doing the show.

Steven Tyler also says that he didn’t have the heart to be negative towards contestants.  While he loved that the job introduced him to new talent, he continued to look at the gig as a distraction from his issues with Aerosmith.  His heart just wasn’t in it.

Now that Aerosmith is recording a new album, the show (had he been asked to return, let’s be honest) has become stale. Steven just wants to focus on music and not hurt anyone’s feelings in the interim.  Of course, I doubt that sitting next to Jennifer Lopez every week was such a terrible employment hazard!

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