Last night’s Big Ang episode wasn’t as lighthearted as the show usually is.  There were no jacuzzi spills or drunken bus rides.  It was all about A.J.

Ang is beside herself that A.J. is at Riker’s Island for “allegedly” selling drugs.  Until he makes bail, she’s watching his allergy ridden dog Kilo.  His dog is named Kilo?  Again, “allegedly” selling drugs.  Perhaps A.J. is just a fan of measurement.  Poor Kilo is shedding, and itching, and blind.  Ang can’t wait for A.J. to come home and claim his dog.


Ang’s sister comes to visit, and Janine wonders how A.J. went astray.  After all, Ang gives A.J. whatever he wants and spoils him rotten.  Why should he feel entitled and above the law?  We learn that Ang’s brother and sister-in-law also spent time in prison for dealing drugs.  The sisters plan to get a lot of family and friends to attend A.J.’s hearing so the judge will see how much support he has.  In the meantime, Ang plans to cook up a feast for A.J. to enjoy when he gets released.  After spending over $200 on meat, she’s ready to start releasing some stress in the kitchen.

A.J. makes bail, and he comes home to tell his mother what has happened.  He’s been charged with conspiracy, and he’s throwing around the word “allegedly” a lot.  Ang smells a rat.  She wants A.J. to give up the street life.  His lawyer has advised him to stay out of the neighborhood, so A.J. plans to move back in with Ang.  At least that’s good news!  Not so good news is that A.J.’s attorney thinks that he’ll definitely spend a lot of time in jail.

Ang tells her husband Neil the latest with A.J.  She’s hoping that Neil’s maturity will rub off on her son, especially now that he’s been sober for two years.  Neil hopes that now Ang will be cooking more often since A.J. will be in the house.  He’s also looking forward to having someone to watch football with him.  Ang knows how much A.J. respects Neil, so she thinks it will be a good move for everyone…except for Kilo.

Ang checks in with the Drunken Monkey.  Franky and Anthony get on Ang for not letting them know she wasn’t going to be at work the past several days.  They were super busy and needed her help.  Ang really wants the drama with A.J. to cease so she can get back to the bar.

Ang’s friends take her to play pool to get her mind off of the craziness.  She’s not really a pool shark.  Ang tells her friends about A.J.’s charges, and Janine is in tears.  Ang is very grateful to have such supportive friends.  The following day, Ang is waiting for A.J. to get home from his hearing.  His lawyer recommended that Ang not attend given her past legal snafus.  A.J. tells her that the judge is allowing him to go to drug rehab instead of jail.  He leaves the following day, and he’s not permitted to have visitors for the first month.  Ang is thrilled that he’s turning his life around.  When he’s done with the program, she plans on having A.J. live at home till he’s married.

Next week, Ang gets a pool boy for her birthday and decides to throw a surprise party for Janine.  Ang and crew ride motorcycles.



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