On last night’s Dance Moms, we were spared another dramatic competition…and treated to an even more dramatic recital!

Abby Lee Miller is actually proud of how the girls performed at Myrtle Beach.  The bottom of the pyramid is Paige (obviously, since she can’t dance due to her broken foot), and Maddie for refusing to dance a solo last week.  I did not see that one coming!  Chloe is also on the bottom for losing to a Candy Apple by a tenth of a point.  Brooke is on the second tier for a bonnet tying mishap, along with MacKenzie for beating two boys.  Nia gets the top spot yet again for being a good leader.  Jill is irate that Kendall doesn’t make the pyramid.  Abby informs her that Kendall is only dancing while Paige is injured, and then she’s out of the troupe.  Kendall is in tears, and Abby yells that Jill is always to eager to jump ship and she’s going to need to beg to get back in her good graces.


The girls will be performing in a showcase concert for the studio.  They will be performing a hip-hop number, but, as Maddie so eloquently puts it, the girls can neither hip nor hop.  Abby thinks that Paige’s foot has healed enough to perform the number.  Kelly wants to make sure Paige’s doctor signs off before agreeing to Abby’s demand.  Abby wants Kelly to make sure a large audience sees Paige perform…and she expects Kelly to contact her former Abby Lee classmates.  Abby announces that she will be offering a scholarship prize by age groups.  Holly is not looking forward to the concert.  Kelly hates hip-hop.  Jill hates that Kendall isn’t recognized as a member of the group.  The other moms hate to hear Jill whine.  It’s a great day at the studio!

Payton’s mom Leslie meets Jill in the parking lot, and she wants to warns Jill that it’s not worth her time or Kendall’s talent to get involved with these hateful moms.  Leslie then dishes on Melissa’s divorce…could this be the affair Christi was screaming about a few weeks ago?  Jill is not impressed with Leslie’s high school gossip.

Cathy gets an anonymous invitation to Abby’s dance recital.  She can’t wait to take some of her moms to go have a great laugh at Abby’s two-bit concert.  Meanwhile back at her own studio, Abby can’t stress enough how important this show it.  Watching the girls rehearse, I’m starting to think Maddie was right.  They aren’t bad at hip-hop, they are just not great at being N*SYNC in synch.  Abby chose hip hop so that Paige could perform the dance from the waist up while wearing her boot.  However, the girls are not popping and locking to her likeness, so Abby brings in her best hip-hop dancer to join the crew.  Welcome back, Payton!  The moms are beyond peeved.

Abby is targeting Maddie this week for refusing to do a solo last week, and she switches Maddie’s featured role with Chloe to punish her.  Chloe is excited for the opportunity, but she doesn’t like hurting her friend.

Abby gets even bossier when she’s wearing a headset.  She’s trying to direct the concert from the lighting booth, and it is quite a sight.  She pops in on her troupe’s dress rehearsal for the hip-hop number, and she’s not happy to see Payton isn’t in costume.  Payton wonders how she’s supposed to perform fifteen dances with fifteen quick changes.  Kelly wants to know why Paige’s boot is broken if she’s only supposed to be performing the dance from the waist-up…I’d venture that’s more a question for her daughter than for Abby (and I can’t believe I even said that!).

Leslie makes the mistake of approaching Abby in the light box about adding an additional number so that Payton will have time to change.  They start yelling over the mic and their voices carry throughout the auditorium.  Leslie warrants a ” No Parents Allowed” sign.  In the audience, Kelly is yelling at Abby that Paige should only be dancing from the waist-up, and Abby agrees.  However, Kelly thinks Paige looks dumb and stands out when she just does her arms, and Paige continues to try to do the foot work in her boot.  Paige leaves the stage to ice her foot.  Leslie goes off on Kelly for letting Paige rehearse.  Holly tries to stick up for Kelly, and Leslie accuses Kelly of being an alcoholic.  Ouch.  Leslie even talks smack to little Paige.

Kelly decides to pull her girls from the rehearsal.  She drives off, and Leslie takes a lot of excitement in telling Abby that Kelly and kids have hit the road.  The moms sans Leslie go bar hopping, and I had to watch Jill take a body shot off some young dude.  Gag.

Abby gets on Brooke for leaving rehearsal, and Kelly feels like Abby should just be glad her girls are here.  Cathy and her Candy Apple moms arrive prepared to take notes on what not to do in a recital.  Paige decides to try the hip hop number.  The hip-hop number fails to impress.  Abby is furious.  Chloe feels a lot of pressure from Abby to shine as the featured dancer in the lyrical number.  Kendall has a break down and seems to imply she’s doing all of this for her mom…and she doesn’t like it.

Chloe shines as the featured dancer, and Abby is proud of her.  The Candy Apples have seen enough…no backdrops?  They are ready to go.  Jill gifts Abby with a dozen roses.  Give it a rest, brown noser!  Your daughter doesn’t even want to be there!  The moms and Abby agree that the concert was amazing.  Maddie receives a scholarship for her age group.  Nia is awarded the most improved scholarship, which causes Holly to break down in tears.

At the after party, everyone is having a good time.  Abby is meeting with prospective students when she hears Cathy trying to steal her potential clients.  Cathy starts insulting the production with a big smile on her face, and we learn that Jill invited the Candy Apples in an attempt to rub in their faces what a good job Kendall is doing with Abby.  Yeah, that wasn’t accomplished.

Next week, Abby entertains the idea of a new student, and the new mom is going to add some drama for sure!


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