Last night's Flipping Out was my big fat Greek disaster when Jenni enlists Jeff to help her plan the events in Chicago.  He does a better job at counting her pennies than picking out place settings.

Jeff Lewis loves pitting Zoila Chavez against Lupe.  He enlists boyfriend Gage Edward to help him drive The Zoila crazy.  It is priceless.  Later Jeff and Jenni Pulos head out to work on a project, and he gets freaked out when she makes eye contact with a homeless guy outside of the car.  The duo meet with Jeanne Shaw, a repeat client whose home they are upgrading.  Jeff is freaking out that Jenni has yet to send out her Save the Dates, so he and Jeanne needle her about her jam packed wedding weekend.  Jeff loves working with Jeanne because he's often able to convince her to make more changes than she initially planned.  Money isn't really an object though as Jeanne is married to the lead singer of Styx.


Gage is still peeved with Jeff for purchasing Spring Oak without discussing it with him.  He's also not super excited to hear that Jeff spent over $13,000 on a rug, but hey, at least it's not a house.  Jeff takes Andrew, Jenni, and Zoila to Spring Oak where he continues to tease Zoila about Lupe.  He then pulls in Vanina to gang up on Jenni about her giant second wedding.  Jeff isn't buying for a second that she's doing this for her fiance. 

Jeanne has quite the potty mouth when she learns that Jeff wants to do a new addition.  He brings in an architect and has Andrew hold her hand while she comes around to the idea of adding square footage.  Her minor punch list has turned into a major renovation.  Back at home, Gage and Jeff tell Zoila that Lupe thinks she's a b*tch.  Zoila isn't hearing any of it.  She is the bigger b*tch of the two.  Jeff touts his main hobby as pushing people's buttons. 

Jeff and Jenni meet Gage at Gramercy where a hit and run driver has taken out a wall.  There is a giant hole in the wall and car parts sprinkled everywhere.  Gage is getting very frustrated with the fact that Jeff isn't excited about the home anymore.  He feels like Jeff has cast Gramercy aside like an ex-girlfriend, and Jeff does admit to being fickle now that he's got Spring Oak. 

Jenni and Jeff eat breakfast with Jeff's sister-in-law Carrie.  Jenni is getting roasted about her wedding plans.  She really needs to get on the ball.  Jenni begs Jeff to come to Chicago with her for a last minute planning trip.  He basically steps in as wedding planner.  Jeff selfishly thinks if he can help Jenni make the last minute big decisions with the wedding then maybe she'll be better able to focus on her actual job. 

Andrew joins Jenni and Jeff in Chicago to play the role of driver and resident do-boy.  The group starts at the Greek Museum in hopes that it will be the perfect venue for the rehearsal dinner.  Jeff thinks it is insane that Jenni is inviting all of the wedding guests to the rehearsal dinner, and he doesn't think that the attendees are going to be as enthralled by the interactive museum as Jenni and Andrew seem to be.  Meanwhile, Gage is busting his bum in L.A. to make Gramercy a place that Jeff will want to call home…again. 

Back in Chicago, Andrew is suffering from major road rage.  Jenni's fiance Jonathan joins the group to tour the reception space.  It is massive.  Jeff is concerned that it will be difficult to make the venue to look full.  The group proceeds to a tasting for the wedding food, and there is a long running dialog between Andrew and Jeff about how many big lamb balls Andrew can fit in his mouth.  Jenni is appalled and the event coordinator is confused.  I am extremely amused.  Jeff railroads the tasting with his likes and dislikes, all of which are contrary to Jenni's.  Jonathan is smiling, but you can tell he is quickly losing patience for his future wife's boss.  Jeff keeps referring to it as "his" day.  He knows exactly how to get under Jenni's skin!

In Los Angeles, Gage steps into the role of driving Zoila crazy.  He is teasing her about her neckline, and she explains she's wearing a push-up bra in hopes of attracting someone with her bosom while she's taking out the trash.  I really want to hang out with Gage and Zoila. 

In Chicago, Jonathan's sister is modeling bridesmaids dresses.  The dress Jenni's chosen is gorgeous and versatile, but Jeff is worried that it won't have enough coverage for Zoila.  He suggests that Zoila be covered head-to-toe in fabric with just eye holes cut out so she can see to walk down the aisle.  Andrew takes a turn on the catwalk modeling a short strapless number.  This is clearly not his first time in heels!

At Jeff's house we get a sneak peek at just how much Zoila works when Lupe is around.  Zoila reminds viewers that Lupe is her assistant and she is in charge.  She is certainly good at supervising, that's for sure!

The trio of Jeff, Jenni, and Andrew kidnap the wedding planner to go pick out the decor for the reception.  Jeff once again can't help be heard.  He wants to edit the plan for decorating.  The poor wedding planner looks like he's going to have a stroke.  He is terrified of Jeff.  I do agree with Jeff that the decor needs to be less cluttered.  Jeff is concerned that Jenni is spending her life's savings on this wedding, and she is quickly regretting her decision to invite him.  He lectures her to the point where he is irate with Jenni.  Jeff wonders how she'll be able to buy a home if she's spending every last cent on one day.  Things are tense between them, but Jenni understands that Jeff is just being protective. 

The group returns home, and Jeff gifts Lupe with a bonus while complimenting Zoila on her salad preparation skills.  They really are such a funny dysfunctional family.  Jeanne tours Gramercy, and when she gets excited about it, some of that thrill seems to rub off on Jeff.  Mission accomplished, Gage!  I think Jeanne needs to be a permanent fixture on the show as well. 

Next week, Jeff butts heads with a new client, and a tearful Andrew feels Jeff's wrath.


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