Yeah, you have to love when someone becomes all about self-help.  It's even more entertaining when that person is Chad Johnson.  Don't get me wrong, I have thought for a long time that Chad is a total d-bag, and his domestic incident with Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada certainly exacerbated that.  Bless him.  It appears that Mr. Ochocinco is learning a lot from calf tattoos and shame.

The former NFL star–and former husband, for that matter–is taking steps to improve his self-image temper.  Taking a page from every violent celebrity's playbook, Chad has enrolled in anger management counseling.  Good for him?


TMZ reports that Chad is hoping to turn over a new leaf in hopes of learning to control his temper.  He says, "I'm trying to find out how can I channel my anger when I'm in situations to where I would pop off," adding, "I think what I need to do is work on Chad."  You know what would be a good way to channel anger?  Playing professional football…oh, wait.

Speaking of the sport, Chad knows that he lost his contract with the Miami Dolphins based solely on his deplorable behavior with Evelyn.  He wants his fans to know that his termination had nothing whatsoever to do with his stellar football playing skillz.  Those are still ah-maz-ing!  Chad reiterates, "That was the reason … there's no need to blow smoke up my ass."





Chad also reveals that he and Evelyn aren't speaking.  He explains, "There's nothing I can say to her because she's already heard it all … what can I say … actions speak louder than words and this is the time for me to show action."

I guess the good news (??) is that as Chad betters himself, he'll be able to do so outside of the clink.  The same site shares that Chad was able to strike a plea deal in his battery charge which will have him avoiding any jail time.  Instead he will be placed on probation and ordered to take anger management counseling…sound familiar?  Chad also allegedly agreed to a strict no-contact order with his ex-wife.  What a cluster!

UPDATE: Chad just had his sentencing hearing this morning.  The terms of Chad's deal: 12 months probation, treatment by a psychologist, no contact with Evelyn Lozada, and entering an anger management program.  The prosecutor let the judge know that Evelyn is in agreement with all the terms laid out. He can apply for early termination if he completes everything ordered.



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