Oh my God, just shut up about it already!  I enjoy a lingerie party as much as the next gal (false!), but I'm so tired of Joanna Krupa talking about getting slapped by Adriana DeMoura.  I'd rather poke out my eye with sharp pencil or read through my Facebook news feed the day after the election.  It's all equally painful!

The Real Housewives of Miami star had my support after the initial episode aired, but then I watched her on Watch What Happens Live.  At that point I lost whatever respect I had for her, and this is even after I saw the picture of her in a see-through shirt.  I mean, who are these people?


Joanna recently sat down with the hosts of Access Hollywood to discuss her altercation with Adriana.  While I respect the fact that she wanted to stick up for her friend Karent Sierra, I feel like she's milking this situation for all it's worth. 

Once again citing that she "saw the devil" in Adriana, Joanna does admit that alcohol exacerbated the scenario on her end.  She reveals that throughout filming the remainder of the season, we'll see the women make up and play nice.  However, Joanna shares that due to recent happenings (and probably watching how much crap they've talked about each other during their talking head interviews), she doesn't think that she can ever be friends with Adriana.

As for Adriana's flirting with Joanna's fiance Romain, Joanna could not care less.  She doesn't believe there is even any competition when it comes to being the only one for Romain.  Gracious.  Self-absorbed much?


[Photo Credit: FayesVision/WENN]

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