Yikes.  We all speculate on whether reality shows are scripted or completely fake.  Of course, no one ever comes out and says a show isn't legit…especially if it's the star of the show!  I guess Dave Hester from Storage Wars didn't get that memo.

The star of the A&E hit has caused lots of drama with the network after rumors started swirling that he was saying the show isn't what it seems to viewers.  What?  Next, I'm going to hear that Si's beard on Duck Dynasty isn't real.  I just don't know how much more of these crazy rumors I can take!


Radar Online is reporting that Dave's days on Storage Wars may be numbered due to some recent allegations.  While the show has already started filming for the season, not all of the contracts have been worked out with the show's stars.  There has been some talk among the cast that the show is sometimes rigged with big ticket items being intentionally placed in the storage units to add drama.

The show's executives aren't taking too kindly to this chatter, and Dave is worried that they will make an example out of him.  A source close to the show reveals that Dave wasn't involved in the first few days of filming and says, "Dave was sent an option for the new season and then it was rescinded. It’s turned into a big mess and some people on the show are convinced it is all going to end up in court."

I'm not quite sure why anyone would start filming when they hadn't solidified their contracts, but it all sounds fishy.  The source claims, "The cast is getting squeezed financially on some issues that are related to the show and the show has not resolved, even with taping beginning."

The source continues, "People close to the show talk about allegations the show is fake a lot and word has gotten back to the execs."  Poor Dave's fate is still up in the air, and the network is refusing to comment on the drama surrounding the show.


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