So yeah, this post is going to give me nightmares.  I am totally freaked out by the paranormal.  I have seen a ghost zero times…I have never had any kind of creepy encounter, but I did baby-sit for a family in college (the type of family who would NEVER believe in ghosts) who totes knew they lived in a haunted house.  It was the old gallows house (the hanging tree was still in the backyard) and later a hospital during the Civil War.  Their young sons would often talk of the "man in the white coat" until they got to the age where things you couldn't see didn't exist.  They had countless happenings in that house that couldn't be explained by anything normal.  I get chills just thinking about it, but they were such sweet kids.  I hope college is treating them well.  #old

Anyway, I am equal parts intrigued and terrified of ghost stories.  Give me Kiss the Girls on repeat in the middle of the night with a known murderer on the loose than The Ring at 9am surrounded by puppies and friends.  Weird, I know.  Every now and then I like to scare myself silly with a random episode of A Haunting during the middle of the day, but those times are few and far between.  Long Island Medium is about as supernatural as my television watching gets, and I'll admit I'm addicted. 

That said, the Syfy Channel has just announced three new shows that I'll likely be watching in broad daylight with one hand covering my eyes.  Curses!  Admittedly, I want to watch each of them…with the lights on, of course!


According to the network's press release, the three shows will satisfy the most avid ghost hunters.  The first show is called Ghost Mine and follows people searching for their fortunes accompanied by paranormal experts as they navigate an abandoned gold mine in Oregon.  The mine has been abandoned for over eighty years thanks to a series of tragedies that started the haunting rumors.  The six-episode series will follow the miners as they deal with the grueling process of trying to find gold, as well as watch the history of the mines unravel through the work of the paranormal investigators.  Confined spaces which are subject to miners being trapped are scary.  Poltergeists are scary.  Put them together, and I am going to need someone to hold my hand when it premieres January 16 at 10PM ET.

The next program that will be debuting is Notorious Hauntings which comes from the producers of Ghost Hunters.  It will follow paranormal researchers in six self-contained episodes as they travel around the world investigating some of the globe's most notorious and frightening ghost stories.  The show will focus on the history of the horrible crimes and those who committed them while honing in on the hauntings that surround the horrific stories.  Featured will be Dracula and Jack the Ripper.  I'm fine, thanks.  Good day.

The last series is called Stranded, and each episode centers on a trio of novice ghost hunters who are left alone at the site of a well-known haunting with nothing more than night vision goggles and a head lamp camera.  As they wander around creepy grave yards and insane asylums, their terrifying footage will be supplemented with "security cameras" that capture additional scary footage.  Stranded is set to premiere on February 27 at 10 PM ET.  I have news for you Syfy.  MTV called, and it wants to know why you're trying to revamp its Fear series from the early 2000s.  I know, I know…I said I didn't watch paranormal stuff ever.  However, my friend Jim happened to get cast on MTV's Fear and found himself spending the night in a haunted mental institution with hot Real World-esque counterparts and a head lamp.  He claims it scarred him for life and everything was terrifying.  However, if you get him drunk…


[Photo Credit: Ghost Hunters' Twitter]


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