Can I get a slow clap for Chad Johnson Ochocinco Johnson Johnson, please?  The man is unbelievable.  Not only has he been shuffled around the NFL before being fired, he's a literary master at making pizza box metaphors, a D-list playboy, a head-butter, and a reality star who knows that there is no shame in needing subtitles when asking his then fiance Evelyn Lozada how she feels about a threesome.  There is something about that level of shamelessness that deserves some sort of credit.  And gag.

As you all know, Chad can also add amateur porn star to his stellar resume.  Someone leaked a sex tape of Chad and a tatted mistress doing the dirty, and said video was leaked by some media outlets.  Wow, Basketball Wives' Evelyn is certainly a lucky lady as she and her former husband continue to "work on themselves."


TMZ is reporting that Chad is fighting mad over two web sites that posted footage of Chad scoring a touchdown off the field with an unidentified lady.  Chad had his attorney send out sis and desist cease and desist letters last week, but he's still fighting mad.

Now Chad is suing both Media Takeout and WorldStarHipHop, accusing both sites of posting the nersty little vid without his consent…and further stating that the private footage was stolen from him.  Goodness…what great timing!  I had almost forgotten about Chad until "someone" "stole" and "leaked" his sex tape.

Even though both sites complied with Chad's cease and desist letters, he claims that he's already been hurt by the video's release.  Chad is asking for unspecified damages from both sites in his lawsuit.  I think this calls for a collective "poor guy" for good ol' Chad, don't you think?


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