On last night's Dance Moms, Abby Lee Miller was just as out of control as usual.  If she could get any uglier to these girls, I'm not sure I want to see it!  The moms, thankfully, were relatively calm, and the girls, as always, were totally sweet and supportive to each other. 

Abby reveals the pyramid.  On the bottom is Chloe, which Christi is actually okay with for once.  Chloe did forget her choreography.  Nia and MacKenzie join her on the bottom…Nia for not taking corrections well, and MacKenzie for messing up the red carpet at the beginning of the previous group routine.  Abby says she will never forgive MacKenzie for ruining the beginning of the group remember, the one she never had the opportunity to practice before that moment.  Dramatic much?  She will not be invited to participate in group numbers going forward.  Paige rounds out the lowest tier of the pyramid.  Maddie is on the second level, and Abby mocks her for having Sophia's hairstyle but not her intensity.  Kendall joins Maddie on the second tier.  An absent Sophia takes the top spot.  Melissa now knows what the other mothers feel like when their daughters are belittled.

The upcoming competition will be in Greensboro, North Carolina.  Kelly brings up the fact that Brooke is not on the pyramid, and she wants to know if Brooke is still on the team.  Abby is upset that Brooke didn't practice on the weekend after she was kicked out of the group number last minute, and she won't let Brooke participate this week either.  MacKenzie is allowed to block out Sophia's part in the group number since Sophia is in Los Angeles filming a movie.  Of course, Abby loves that.  The dance is about immigration.  MacKenzie and Paige score solos, while Maddie and Kendall will have a duet.  The girls are excited, but Melissa is not.  She's not used to Maddie not having a solo. 



The moms have been summoned to Abby's house to go through her garage for old props and programs.  Maybe someone should recommend Abby for HoardersMelissa is trying her best to clean and organize the garage in an effort to get Maddie back on the top of the pyramid.  Holly hightails it out of there when she finds a dead mouse, and Kelly steals some priceless old photos of Abby.

MacKenzie is working on her solo Lemonade.  She is such a precious girl, and she has a lot of acrobatics in her routine.  Paige is dancing up in the twelve/thirteen age group, and she wants to push herself since it is her first solo dance of the season.  Kelly doesn't mind when Abby yells at Paige for her noodle arms…she just hates when Abby calls her daughter stupid.  The other mothers find it hilarious that Melissa is pretending not to be peeved that Maddie doesn't have a solo.  Abby gets on Maddie for being downgraded to a duet.  Maddie doesn't feel she's being challenged with this dance.  Melissa then tells Abby that she isn't thrilled with the prospect of Maddie doing a duet with KendallJill confronts Abby about her telling Maddie that dancing with Kendall was a downgrade.  Abby doesn't deny it, and she reveals that Melissa agrees.  Jill is livid. 

Abby is slightly concerned that she hasn't heard from Sophia.  In the parking lot, Jill tells Kelly and Christi that Melissa wasn't happy to have Maddie doing a duet with Kendall.  Christi stirs the pot, admitting to Jill that Melissa told her she was excited about the duet.  While the girls are practicing, Jill confronts Melissa about her saying that Maddie is too good to dance with Kendall.  Melissa is a horrible actress.  She is protesting too much, that's for sure.  Melissa flat out calls Abby a liar, but I believe Lifetime has it on film. 

dance moms3

The group is heading to Greensboro, and Abby receives a text that Sophia won't be making it to the competition.  Kelly laughs that Abby should have allowed Brooke to dance in the group number.  Abby snips that Brooke missed practice because she was in school with her friends, but Sophia is missing the competition because she's in Hollywood filming a movie.  Big difference.  Kelly encourages Jill to call out Melissa in front of Abby.

Once they arrive at the competition, Abby is getting on Paige for her noodle arms and yelling at MacKenzie about losing her hair bow the last time she had a solo.  This time around, her headpiece is even bigger.  Um, I think that Abby's call, not MacKenzie's, right?  MacKenzie rocks her solo…her acrobatics are all on point.  Paige follows, and she admits she has all of Abby's corrections running through her head.  Paige did a great job, but Kelly knows that Abby is going to have something negative to say about Paige's performance.  She is going to try really hard to bite her tongue.  Shockingly, Abby tells her she did a wonderful job.

As Kendall and Maddie are practicing their duet, Jill calls out Melissa in front of Abby.  Abby says that Melissa's ex-husband used to always tell her what a double talker Melissa is.  Jill gets on Abby for critiquing Kendall's dancing while not correcting Maddie.  Jill's outburst embarrasses Kendall, and she starts to cry.  Kendall gets a big pep talk backstage from sweet Maddie.  Kendall rises above her initial stress and dances up to Maddie's ability.  After the dance, Abby tells the girls they did a fine job, and Jill asks Abby to give any corrections now.  Abby tells Jill to kiss her butt.  Yeah, no thanks.

It's time for awards, and MacKenzie wins first place for the junior solo division.  Paige garners third place in her new age.  Kendall and Maddie take the top spot for their duet, and Abby isn't at all surprised.  She knows the judges were only looking at Maddie.  Meow.  Kendall's confidence is up after the win, and she's excited for the group number.  It's not my favorite group dance, that's all I will say.  I think everyone is nervous about the award's ceremony, although the troupe takes first place.  Abby accuses Kendall of ruining the entire dance, and spews that it's a good thing the judges were only looking at Maddie. 

Next week, Abby has replacements for the girls at the next competition, and Abby blames Melissa when she denies a tearful Maddie a solo. 


[Photo Credit: Lifetime]

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