Remember how just the other day I was writing about a source saying Khloe Kardashian Odom was getting axed from the X Factor (even after a professional hosting expert called her "awkward")?  If so, do you also recall yesterday when Kim Kardashian promised to be more private going forward?  Well, guess what?  Apparently neither of those things are happening!

Of course, with "sources" and "insiders" you can never be too sure which side of the story is true.  However, Kim flat out told a magazine that she wanted to keep more things to herself…perhaps she was only referring to things that pertain to herself.  Obviously, she's more than happy to talk all about her family members' business! 


TMZ is saying "not so fast" to those rumors that Khole won't be asked back to host another season of the talent competition with Mario Lopez…or rather Kimmie is crushing said rumors on her sister's behalf.

In the midst of all the chatter surrounding X Factor producers thinking that Khloe wasn't the best choice for co-host, Kim feels the need to weigh in on the tabloid gossip.  Regarding her sister's fate with the show, Kim shared with the site, "A lot of people say a lot of incorrect things on the daily."

When questioned about what was going on in the world of Khloe's X Factor status, Kim aloofly replied, "Probably nothing."

With judges and hosts potentially on the chopping block for next season, it seems that no one's fate with the show is certain.  According to one insider, Simon Cowell believes that Khloe brings both strengths and weaknesses to the hosting gig.  However, the source doesn't believe that Khloe needs to sweating any time soon.  Given that didn't sign on to the show at the last minute, Khloe likely has more time before any official decisions are handed down the chain of command. 

Not to be rude (I do like Khloe), but I don't care who hosts the X Factor.  I just find it hilarious that a day after Kim says she wants to be more private, she speaking out on rumors surrounding her sister.  I realize she's swarmed by papparazzi 24/7, but it's still humorous!

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