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Carla Facciolo went from zero to sixty in just one short season of Mob Wives.  The VH1 reality star has held her tongue in the past, but so far this season, she's come out with guns (and butter knives!) blazing. 

Many of her cast mates have turned on her given her recent antics, and her biffle Drita D'avanzo constantly finds herself stuck in the middle of her friend's feuds.  It's as if the two have traded places!  Carla is now speaking out about her behavior on the show, and she doesn't care what anyone thinks of her.  Wow, she sure is tough these days!


In an interview with Dan Lorenzo from Steppin' Out magazine, Carla chats about how she appears this season (aka not good).  While she admits that her anger is very real, she credits the show's editing for making her look completely psycho.  She also addresses the accusations that she hooked up with a married man.  Hint, it was over half her life ago!  Well, according to her, that is…
DL:  You almost sounded cavalier when you said your father was "only" in jail for two years..as if that's a walk in the park.
Carla: "I know, I know because my ex did almost seven years. Other people I know that were close to me did fifteen years. So when you say two years it's like "Eh, ok…not so bad", but obviously I'm not the one in there. "
When you first met Joe, did he sweep you off your feet right away?  "Actually I met Joe in the city where I used to work. He was in the stock broker business and I used to work at the firm, so that's how I actually met him. When I met him he actually was getting divorced. I think he was only married for three years. Nice guy, family was very nice…he was just a regular guy to me that just came up through the business. I didn't see anything wrong with him. I though he wasn't like the guys I used to date years ago."
Would you have been happy if Joe was just an honest stockbroker and there was no drama in your life and you weren't famous?   "Yeah. I probably would. Definitely. "
I'm not an expert on your show, but when I do watch…you seem to have a lot of anger raging in you. Is that a fair assessment? Right now you seem so mellow.  "Yeah, cause actually this is me and they make me look like I have anger issues on the show (laughs) and I really don't. This season they're like all buddied up and they gang up on me and they make me look like I'm mad. I don't like what they're saying about me…but I'm not a crazy drama girl whose always screaming and yelling. This season…enough is enough with the things they say and the lies they tell. I got stuck in the middle with these crazy bitches and I have to keep defending myself all the time because they're always bringing up bullshit."
Does it ever enter your mind while filming "If I start freaking out on camera it will make a better episode"?  "I don't even think of it like that because I don't do anything to spice up the cameras and the story line which I feel they all do. I'm just me and I don't do things to f'ing, sorry, make up stories and stuff. If I'm getting mad it's because I'm getting mad, not because a camera is stuck in my face. "
So it's real?  "Oh yeah, it's real."
Who do you get along with the best on the show?  "The two girls that are really my friends and I get along with is Drita and Angela."
So let's get to the other girls. How does it feel to be called a "man stealer"?  "It's pretty funny. They're talking about a story with a married guy…when I was like twenty three years old. They keep bringing up this story like it was yesterday. I met a guy hanging out, he bullshitted me saying he was separated. When I first met him I did not know he was married of course. He said he was separated. You believe someone when they have their own place. Why would I think this guy was married? Technically maybe yes, he wasn't divorced…but married where he was in his house, no. This guy was a real character. That's the only thing they got on me so they keep bringing it up from twenty three years ago. It's really pathetic. I never stole anyone boyfriend or husband. I've always had my own. "
Two things:  Do you think that Carla would have preferred a simple crime, drama, and fame free life had Joe just been a law abiding stockbroker?  Do you believe her side of the "man stealing" story?  For some reason, I kind of do…but I also wish the former calm Carla would make an appearance!
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