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Well this news should come as a shock to absolutely no one!  Kris Humphries is pushing to have cameras in the courtroom to memorialize the divorce proceedings between him and Kim Kardashian.  It's appropriate that Kris would want the trial filmed given his annulment argument is based on the fact his marriage was based solely in reality ratings.  Kim, however, does not want any of their legal drama caught on tape, which is odd considering she can't seem to breathe without at least a dozen cameras on her at one time.  I guess she doesn't want certain things revealed to the world.  Hmmm….what secrets could Kimmie be keeping?

While Kim is dealing with even more drama from her last relationship, she's also facing some hardships with her current beau and baby daddy Kanye West.  Apparently, he's not sticking up for his woman in the manner Kim would hope.  After Ray J dropped his latest single "I Hit It First," it's been crickets from the Kardashian Kamp and the kontroversial rapper who isn't known for keeping his mouth shut.  Trouble in tiny rapper paradise?


Poor Kim seems to have a lot on her plate these days…and none of it is good.  First up, her 72-day marriage is crumbling in the public eye as Kris fights for an annulment on the grounds that their marriage was a fraud.  Sources tell Perez Hilton that Kris' legal team has testimony citing Kim and krew to manipulate and re-film scenes of the family's reality show in order to make Kris look like the bad guy.  Those are not the kind of accusations Kim wants on video.

One insider tells the site, "Kris doesn’t understand why Kim wouldn’t want cameras in the courtroom. This is someone that has every move of her daily life documented for reality television, what is the big deal with having it televised? Kim’s camp has portrayed Kris as someone that is vengeful and greedy, this is the perfect opportunity for that to be proven."  If Kris can't understand why Kim doesn't want the proceedings filmed than he's a bigger doofus than he appears!

Of course, Kim can't dwell too much on kameras kapturing her divorce when Ray J is rapping all over the place about an unnamed celebrity with whom he made a sex tape.  Whoever could he be talking about?  If it's not bad enough that Kim is being used to sell Ray J's piddly music, her boyfriend–who has something to say about EVERYTHING–is remaining mum on this new tune.  That makes Kim quite sour according to those around her.

OK reports that Kim wishes Kanye would come to her aid as she is bombarded with divorce stress, Ray J ridiculousness, and tabloid covers guessing her baby weight gain.  A source explains, "Of course Kim can handle herself. She's already hit back at bullies who called her fat recently, but after having to constantly defend herself in recent months, she's feeling rather vulnerable," adding, "It's not like Kanye is some retiring wallflower – he publicly stood up for Beyonce over not winning that MTV award, and has had his share of 'beef with other rappers'- so Kim feels that he should jump to her aid."

Revealing that Kim used to consider Kanye to be her "rock," the insider shares, "The pregnancy's not easy – she's going through hell with her divorce and she's feeling overwhelmed. She needs to know Kanye is there for her and will protect her honor."

Give.  Me.  A.  Break.  These people are never going away, are they?  Honor?  Please.


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