Bethenny Frankel On The School Run

It's time for Parenting 101 from Bethenny Frankel, y'all! You know you love it when she doles out advice. The reality star turned talk show host is sharing a very important parenting lesson that is near and dear to her heart, and she also revealing the one thing her daughter will never hear her say.

If you thought she was going to say that her daughter will never hear her talk trash about soon-to-be ex-husband Jason Hoppy (that's what I assumed!), think again. Bethenny, who admits to once being obsessed with dieting, reveals that she doesn't want three-year-old Bryn to grow up thinking that enjoying food is a bad thing. She makes she refrains from speaking negatively about weight and diets in front of her daughter. Actually, as much as I like to poke fun at Bethenny, she makes a good point (who knew?).


Bethenny recently spoke to ABC about her philosophy at an event where she launched another line of her SkinnyGirl wines. She explains, “If you start giving your kids anxiety about food, it’s going to last a lifetime. Moms have to lead by example. Don’t say, ‘Oh, my jeans don’t fit,’ or ’Oh, I was bad.’ No diets, nothing like that.”

The cocktail gazillionaire also doesn't believe that children need a lot of of toys. Bethenny reveals, “I am not a person who believes in over-stimulating your kids with a lot of toys,” adding, ”I think presents should be special. You don’t want to create a situation where a person spent their whole life trying to fill some voice because they are always getting what they want.”

Citing time with Bryn as her favorite thing, Bethenny shares, “I’m always with Bryn as much as I possibly can be. She has a personality … I do see a lot of myself in her, other people see a lot of me in her too. She’s very sassy, she’s smart and she has a good sense of humor and she’s fun.” Yep, sounds like Bethenny to a T!

Did you hear that Jason? Your daughter is exactly like your ex-wife. 


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See photos from Bethenny's weekend Shop for Success event below!




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