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I'm not trying to wish away 2013 by any stretch of the imagination, but 2014 seems to be shaping up to be just peachy in regard to new reality shows. 

The original member of the Funky Bunch turned acclaimed actor and Entourage creator? Check. My favorite member of NKOTB turned scary guy in Sixth Sense? Check. Their mother and brother Paul? The actual dudes who inspired the characters in Entourage? Check and check. Your interest has to be piqued, right?


Hilarity will no doubt ensue when the Mark and Donnie Wahlberg and family let us into their lives as they work together to open up a hamburger joint. Yes, you read that correctly. Sure, I'll give you a few moments to let that sink in to your brain. Wahlberg brothers + restaurant = reality gold. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Wahlburgers.

On the heels of the big news that the Entourage movie is a go (how excited am I about that??), Mark Wahlberg has announced a new reality show about his family building a business which is set to begin in late January. Besides getting to see the eye candy that are the Wahlberg brothers, the show also promises to include their cousin who is real Johnny Drama. Amazeballs.  

When asked by People if Wahlburgers would be similar to any other famous reality shows featuring siblings (any in particular come to mind?), Mark was quick to make a differentiation. "No, no. It's very different. It's very different. Nothing against them. They've been hugely successful," he says. ''It's just about building a family business. Uh, it's just very different, very different." 

Say no more, Mark. We get it. We totally get it. 


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