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What do you do when your on minute fourteen of your fifteen minutes? If you're a reality star, you could file a law suit?  What happens if your fifteen minutes were over so long ago that no one remembers who you are? I think the answer is clear. You sue American Idol for $250 million. 

At least that is what Corey Clark is doing after getting booted from the Top Ten back in 2003 for allegedly not being forthcoming with information about a prior arrest. He also claimed to have had an affair with judge Paula Abdul, but that isn't why he was disqualified according to the Fox singing competition.


​Often touted as the season two front runner before getting the ax, Corey has maintained that he didn't withhold anything about his arrest to the network. Now speaking to Rumor Fix, he claims he has the documentation to prove it. He now has the documentation that Fox used to disqualify him…a background check dated two days after being kicked off the show. However, he has another background check from the show that was dated three months prior to his elimination which shows his arrest for resisting arrest and batter in Kansas. 

Corey shares that the show was aware of his arrest long before he made it to the Top Ten. He maintains, “That means American Idol lied,” adding that he'd verbally disclosed the incident to producers.

He's using California labor laws to bolster his case, because according to the state statute, an employer can't ask an applicant about arrests that didn't lead to a conviction, so they certainly can't fire someone for it. Corey asserts that he started on the show as a contestant, but once competitors get to a certain stage, they become employees of Fox. He tells the site, “Once you make the Top 10, they make you an employee. It was at that time when they had hired me that they decided to use that illegally obtained information to fire me as an employee, three months after they already knew about the arrest."

Adding another layer to his suit, Corey accuses the show's producers of racial discrimination. He explains that all sixteen contestants who have been disqualified for misdemeanor arrests are African American. He states, ”They have never disqualified a white contestant openly. If they have it was quietly it was done behind closed doors."

When asked about the African American contestants who have gone on to win the show, Corey responds, “We’re not talking about affirmative action…What we’re talking about is the fact that they hired black people and then only fired black people for criminal arrest information. Never anybody else."

In the same interview, Corey blames his disqualification for ruining his life and talks of attempting suicide and bouts of homelessness. He recalls, “I’ve had some really bad moments. The whole purpose of me even talking about anything was because I was being blacklisted and being oppressed behind the scenes and people weren’t looking at it. That really depressed me. I attempted suicide back in 2006 and they had to revive me."

Revealing that he's been without a roof over his head multiple times since his AI season and utilized food stamps, Corey admits, “People might say ‘You’re a bum,’ but when you have kids to feed you have to do what you have to do. I work regular jobs, I do my music, take care of my kids. I was not that type of person before. I was very outgoing, very happy, and very confident in my skill as a musician. I come from a family of musicians that’s what we do,”

Eh, I'm not so sure about this one. I hope he's not holding his breath for $250 million!


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