I guess I should have braced myself for the return of Teen Mom 2. I'd forgotten that with it would come a new media hurricane of all its "stars." I'm used to Jenelle Evans being in the tabloids 24/7/365 (I'm so 2005), but I kind of forget about the other girls when they aren't stored in my DVR.

Perhaps I need to be grateful for non-Jenelle created drama, but I feel like it's the same story line over and over again with these girls. Guess what? Chelsea Houska is still pretending she's over douchebag and baby daddy Adam Lind while claiming that she doesn't receive help from her ever-present father. Hey, no shame in taking money from the Bank of Dad if he gives it willingly, right…even if you do have all that MTV money for doing nothing more than being totally immature, irresponsible and overly dramatic.  That last sentence is not a dig a Chelsea. It's a dig at all of them. 


In a recent interview to promote the new season, Chelsea talks to the folks at The Stir: Cafe Mom, sharing, "I'm excited for everyone to see me finish school, start my career, move on from Adam, and of course I'm excited for people to see Aubree and how much she's grown up."

Speaking of the perpetual d-bag, she dishes on her situation with Adam, saying, "I know Adam on the season thinks I'm still in love with him for some reason. Maybe he just WISHES I was or that I cared. But I don't!" Welp. I'm convinced. How 'bout y'all?

Discussing Adam's threats to take her to court for more custody of their daughter Aubree, Chelsea admits, "It was stressful. It was a scary thing to even think about going through. Because you never want to lose any time, and you want to be in control. Why does someone get to tell you when you can and cannot see your child, especially when they're already 4? [Aubree] always sees Adam, so she still does, and his family. They kind of filmed more with him this season because of everything that was going on, so you'll see how that plays out."

Chelsea tries to take the high road when asked about Adam's new girlfriend Taylor and her relationship with adorable Aubree, but it falls a little flat. She explains, "I have no idea what goes on over there. When they do have her, it's at his parents' house, and they're off and on, so [Taylor’s] not always there."

Continuing, Chelsea shares, "I think when she goes over there, it's sort of like all they do is have fun because she's there for like a day or two. It's not like they have to make rules, really, which is a little frustrating. It's hard because I don't want her to resent me or think that I'm bad. I know that later on she'll grow up and realize that, but there's a period of time when you're little, all you want to do is have fun, so it makes me nervous. But I think that's a normal worry that parents have." Snark aside, I think it would be very hard to always be put in the role of "enforcer" when dad is truly a deadbeat. 

There is one misconception that Chelsea would like to clear up with viewers. She tells the site, "It's not that big a deal, but it bothers me that people still think I rely on my dad. It drives me SO insane. I haven't since I was like 18. I live by myself. I take care of Aubree by myself. I pay for myself!" Totes believe her…um, yeah.


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