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Do you live in or around Nashville? Do you have "legitimate" friends and a life most would envy? Do you appear to be between the ages of 18 and 24? If so, then MTV is interested in filming you for a reality show about really, really beautiful, rich, drama-filled people who live in Music City. 

I'm guessing that if you're thirty-plus, you can still try to get on the show if you look like you could pass for a young twenty-something…be forewarned though! These are the skeletons that come sprinting out of the closet when you subject yourself to reality television!


 A recent press release from the network wants you to get in on the hippest new trend–being famous for nothing!  Check out the criteria the show is looking for and maybe you or someone you know is the perfect fit!  I hope not

We are searching Nashville’s most exclusive neighborhoods and communities for the most gorgeous people, both inside and out but not mutually exclusive, confident, elite, heartthrobs, heroes, and coveted associates, wealthy and soon to be powerful; all to become the next national obsession, putting your social circle on a new platform.  To be considered for a starring role in “The Kids of Nashville” you need to show us that you are instantly adored, super hot, and a superstar with lots of drama going on in your life; all wrapped together with the style, the strength of personality, and the sense of humor to be unapologetically yourself. This is the opportunity to prove you’ve got the attitude and the commitment to pull off the ultimate vanity lifestyle ensemble performance that will capture it all, even the heart.    

It’s always all about you, but we want your inner circle too – your friends, your family and even your frenemies. 

Casting is limited to Nashville residents and its surrounding area. You must appear to be between the ages of 18-24.

Yes, this is a real thing. No, I am not making it up. I will be using the term "ultimate vanity lifestyle" to describe some people I know, but not in a good way. If you're interested in auditioning for a show that I will most certainly be obsessed with once it comes to fruition, you can follow the network's instructions:

Send us your name, a brief bio, a camera phone video introducing yourself,no less than three recent photos including a selfie, photos of your lifestyle and surrounding, and most importantly your contact info including your Facebook, twitter, instagram, email, and cell to NASHVILLE@MTVCASTING.NET

That's a selfie people…if you need any help with that, just head on over to Kim Kardashian's Instagram! 



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